Denise Welch breaks down in tears on Loose Women saying ‘I can’t bear it any more’ as she reveals her dad is in hospital

DENISE Welch broke down in tears on the show today after a tense debate about Covid.

The 62-year-old former Coronation Street star welled up while talking about how her dad, who is in hospital in Newcastle, has struggled.

Denise Welch broke down on Loose Women today talking about her poorly dad

Saying he had difficulty coping under government restrictions and the rise of technology in society, she sobbed: “I can’t bear it any more.”

Denise told her co-stars: “My dad actually is in hospital in Newcastle and I just want to say love you dad. It’s just been really tough.”

Speaking about the rise of apps to do anything, she said: “All these things have added to the fact. I just can’t keep up with it, I can’t bear it any more.”

Denise, who has long railed against restrictions brought in to combat coronavirus, said even going for lunch had become technology-driven.

Talking about Covid rules she said: ‘I just can’t keep up with it, I can’t bear it any more’
The star was taking part in a debate titled ‘Is technology alienating the elderly’

She said she was asked: “Have you downloaded the app and have you printed out the guest’s invitation?”

She added: “I just want to go up and go Denise Welch and my guest is Tom.

“My dad has really struggled in lockdown and has been really really poorly.

“As his his health has declined over the past year he has really struggled with not having people over to the house to do certain things as regards banking.”

Denisealso hit out a the government handling of the travel situation claiming ministers had “gaslit” ordinary Brits.

Denise said people had run into problems with travel to countries on the Amber list – which is legal but the government insists nobody should do.

Ministers have been panned over their mixed messaging on whether tourism to orange destinations – including most of the continent – is allowed.



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