Derailment of a TGV train in Marseille : the wrecking operations are progressing as planned

The wrecking operations of the train TGV output of its rail to Marseille Friday, were still ongoing on Sunday, with a status of “compliant” to the forecasts of the SNCF, while the judicial investigation seems to rule out the track”malice”.

“We would like the deadlines that we set out to do,” said to AFP a spokesman of the public enterprise, stating that the motor back was able to be “back on tracks”. But “it is a very delicate operation because it relates to a ream TGVDuplex, therefore, particularly heavy”, according to the SNCF.

The railway company has made use of reinforcement techniques from the rest of the region Provence-Alpes-Côtes-d’azur and Lyon in order to relay the teams marseilles, on the bridge since Friday evening.

The SNCF has also confirmed a return to normal traffic TER for next Friday, while the traffic TGV, City and OuiGo have already resumed their usual pace since Saturday.

“We are working on a transport plan for the week, which will be released around 17: 00 today” on Sunday, added the company.

Party at 14: 37 Paris, the TGV 6045 is “out of the way” at the entrance of the Saint-Charles railway station on Friday shortly before 18 hours, without doing any of the wounded among the 350 passengers and staff on board.

Three investigations have been launched to shed light on the reasons of the derailment : an internal one to the station, a court and a Bureau of accident investigation transport terrestre (BEA-TT).

A coin fell from the train accident ?

Concerning the judicial investigation, conducted by the police of Marseilles, “no element which would characterize a potential malicious act has not yet been collected,” said Sunday to the AFP, the prosecutor of the Republic in Marseille, Xavier Tarabeux, questioned the assumptions of a sabotage or a terrorist act.

Investigators have, however, collected the testimony of a passenger TGV high-speed trains departing from Marseille at the time of the entry to the station of train victim of the derailment Friday, is a transient who may have seen a piece fall from the train accident. “A piece of coin was found, which might correspond (in this testimony), but we must remain very prudent,” insisted the prosecutor, stressing that even this would be the case, this is not necessarily the room, which would have resulted in the derailment.

The first and only derailment deadly TGV high-speed trains dates back to November 14, 2015, out of service trade, when eleven people lost their lives during the last test on the stretch of the high speed line Paris-Strasbourg, about twenty miles to the north of the alsatian capital. The rowing trials had hit a bridge at 243 kilometers per hour and then dropped below.

The last derailment of a train on the French network is one of the RER B on June 12, 2018. Several cars ofa train were lying between Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse (Yvelines) and Courcelle-sur-Yvette (Essonne), on the part of the line operated by the RATP, causing seven minor injuries. The accident had been caused by a collapse of the ballast, weakened by several days of heavy rain.

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