Researchers say they have found the largest dinosaur footprint

There are about 150 million years ago, a giant dinosaur with a long neck has walked on the american soil with what is now regarded by scientists as the largest foot of a dinosaur ever discovered. Spotted under a pile of bones of the tail, the bones of the foot stretch for approximately one metre in length and would have belonged to a brachiosaurus, a herbivore of the group of sauropods, according to the details published in the journal PeerJ

It is “a foot exceptionally large, bigger than the elements of all the other bones of the feet of sauropods known”, a statement from the AFP Anthony Maltese, the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park, Colorado (west). “I am often asked what is the biggest, longest, or other superlatives about the dinosaurs that ever existed and, in this case, I can now provide an answer”, he continued.

To give an idea of the size of the animal who left the trace in the soil of Wyoming, his femur measuring approximately 2.07 meters. If it is not the largest dinosaur ever unearthed, however, it was the largest foot ever listed, according to the scientists.


“There are footprints and skeletons are incomplete in Australia and Argentina, which appear to originate from animals much larger but these skeletons gigantic have been found without their feet”, explained Emanuel Tschopp, of the department of paleontology of the American Museum of Natural History. “This beast was clearly one of the greatest to ever market in North America,” he stressed.

This discovery has also enabled scientists to expand to the north the area of the presence of the brachiosaurus, who is going to Utah, Wyoming, has noticed Mr. Maltese, noting that this species of dinosaur was “quite rare”. Therefore, according to him, “to be able to expand their geographic area of several hundred kilometers is great and could help us to understand much better”.

This walk, called “Bigfoot” (big foot), was discovered in 1998 by a team from the university of Kansas was a part of Mr. Maltese, then a student.

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