Urinals experimental settle on the sidewalk parisian

A small red rectangle overlooking the Seine, laugh at the tourists. In the heart of the capital, Paris is continuing its experiment of”uritrottoirs”, pissotières who wish to be environmentally friendly and odor free, but are cringe-some local residents. “It is easier to go to the toilet, you hear the water. There are people who sometimes have a hard time,” jokes Jonathan, a tourist in new york city. “Some of you may be uncomfortable”, stresses that the young man who works in advertising.

“I am the first to use it? It is very comfortable” lance asserted and burst out laughing another man under the laughter of his loved ones. Below, the riverboats sail, seeing just the top of the small red box about a meter tall, topped with small plants. Invented by a small company in Nantes, the “uritrottoirs” are above all of the urinals “green” to their designers. “Urine is stored with dry material (straw, editor’s note) which can then be turned into compost”, explains to the AFP Laurent Lebot, one of the two designers of the company Faltazi.

While the city of Paris had already installed in the spring of three of these urinals, (near the place de Clichy, gare de Lyon, and in a square of the Fifth arrondissement), roars accompanied the arrival of the fourth on a quiet street in the tourist Island of Saint-Louis.

“I think it’s great, but the location is not good at all,” says Gregory, photographer, 43-year-old who lived in the area for 3 years, in front of the microphones of journalists, French and japanese. “They would have been able to put it directly on the docks”, he laments. But the urinals should be accessible by vehicle for reasons of discharge, and to change the dry matter every 3 weeks. “I think it’s a pity that the ecological dimension will not be shown,” adds the young man.

A tool for “thought for the night”

Alerted by friends in the neighborhood, Françoise says it is “outraged” by an object “really not very aesthetic”. Leana, a young tourist Russian, prefers to laugh : “of course, that the Russian tourists would use it”.The city of Paris and that of the IVe arrondissement recall that these urinals are installed on an experimental basis, and to respond to a “request of local residents”. “We are quite willing to discuss the location,” says Evelyne Zarka, first deputy mayor of the borough of Ariel Weil.

“A “uritrottoir” poorly placed, will hardly be accepted,” admits Laurent Lebot, which is the paradox of a tool “thought for the night, but visible in the day”. “The concept is not that it stands in the middle of the sidewalk,” he said.

“To rid the sanisettes existing”

As one throne under an arch discreet not far from the gare de Lyon. The plants intended to the beautify, are without life, not helped by the cigarette butts and plastic bottles thrown over. Not anything to put off Scott Messori, a tourist from milan : “I love”, smiled the young man, lending itself gladly to the game. “In Italy there’s nothing similar.”

Difficult in contrast to more exposed than the”uritrottoir” located a few hundred metres from the Moulin Rouge… and a twenty meters of the 400 sanisettes free Paris. “I think the tourists don’t care, but for French customers it would be necessary to remove it,” sighs a bartender at the terrace the nearest.

The police “does not wish that there is too much concealment, not to find the problems of drugs or sex he could have with the vespasiennes, the cursor modesty is not easy to place”, explains Laurent Lebot. Remains the most common criticism : “And the women, how they do that?” “For matters of privacy it is essential to provide a cabin for women. The uritrottoir has the interest of relieve the sanisettes existing (…) and more reserved for women”, argues the company.

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