Design of new BA jet crew’s seat on the OUTSIDE of passenger toilet door is risk to life say cabin crew

BRITISH Airways staff fear a new jet puts lives at risk in emergencies — as one crew seat is attached to a toilet door.

They say a crisis on an Airbus A320neo would trap passengers in loos because of crew sitting outside.

British Airways must be lav-ing a laugh with the positioning of this cabin-crew seat

One BA worker said: “If there is decompression and someone’s in the toilet, the directive is they need to stay locked in until the crew come off emergency oxygen.

“At that point the passenger in the toilet will probably be dead.”

A steward added: “It’s a joke the plane got certified. In decompression or severe turbulence a passenger ends up locked in the loo. In a crash, God knows how the door won’t come loose, not to mention the crew member.”

Staff are also furious at having to use the fold-away seat to eat their meals — even if there is a long queue for the toilet.


The A320neo Airbus is also being operated by easyJet[/caption]

They and colleagues at easyJet, which also runs A320neos and bigger A321neos, have vented fury on online forums.

BA has 25 A320neos, with the first used on an April flight from London to Lisbon, Portugal.

German carrier Lufthansa and some US airlines also use the aircraft.

The problem has arisen as A320neos have crammed in more seats at the back than A320s.

Last night a BA insider said crew must be able to see the cabin from a seat during take-off and landing — and the toilet door was the only option.

They also said loos had oxygen masks if a passenger ever got trapped.

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