Two years after the assassination of father Hamel, the martyrs forgotten of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray

This Thursday, July 26, Guy Coponet would have had to blow out 88 candles. But this day, instead of celebrating his birthday, the old man will commemorate two years of the assassination of his friend, father Jacques Hamel. A race, in mercy and piety, which will liven up a bit more suffering. Car Guy Coponet, faithful parishioner of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, was with his wife Janine in the church on the day of the bombing an islamist. In the outburst of violence, he was seriously wounded with a knife by one of the two terrorists, Adel Kermiche, and has been close to death. “Today, mr. Coponet considers himself a survivor who has survived only to bear witness of the martyr’s father Hamel,” says Me Méhana Mouhou, the lawyer of the couple who visit them regularly to inform them of the progress of the investigation and support.

Modesty, the husband Coponet don’t want to pour their pain. “Yet it is terrible, tells Me Mouhou. The trauma is permanent. They experience great difficulty sleeping and remembering continually the images of the attack. Guy Coponet was seriously injured, the neck sliced. He suffers from respiratory problems, swallowing. Even drinking a glass of water is painful “. Before receiving the shots sharp, he has had to endure another torment. The second terrorist, Abdel Malik Nabil-Petitjean, forced the husband Coponet filming the horror scene and the murder of a priest with a mobile phone. “One of the young gave me his recorder. As I was afraid, I filmed. And the most virulent slaughtered the priest. The last words of the father Hamel were : “away with you demon !” Then he took me to a stab in the back and neck. I fell to the ground, ” said Guy Coponet to the police when they were interviewed a few days after the tragedy. Helpless, his wife attended the death of the man of the church and the blows to her husband that she thought she was fatally struck.

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Still not received by the investigating judge

The couple, victim, is, of course, is constituted as a civil party. But, astonishingly, at the end of two years, Guy and Janine have still not been received by the investigating judge. The first magistrate in charge of the case, Claude Choquet, remained in function at the pole counter-terrorism only a year before retiring. He then made the hand, in September 2017, to his colleague Emmanuelle Robinson. In addition to the file Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, this last must also teach, among other things, the attack in Nice in July 2016 and in Cairo in February 2009, it is still co-writing the statement on the massacres in the 13 November 2015.

This overhead explains possibly why the spouses Coponet are forgotten by the justice system and have not been heard to this day. They wish, however ardent, says their lawyer, for a human contact the judge and to testify on details of the circumstances of the attack. The time goes by. Last year, Emmanuel Macron had made the commemorations of the first “anniversary” of the bombing. This year, neither the head of State nor the Prime minister or a member of government are expected in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray.

The “naivety of justice” against the terrorists

So far, the investigation is progressing. And it shows what constitutes a terrorist network. “It was clearly the ambition of Kermiche, details Me Mouhou, who represents victims in very many cases terrorists and is a connoisseur of this complex area. Kermiche has created a chain of discussion on the e-mail encrypted Telegram, which was attended by 300 individuals. He has clearly stated several times that his goal was to “create a terrorist cell in Rouen” and set the mosque of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray as a “gathering place” “. Little accustomed to the language of wood, the lawyer raises the issues that make people angry. Kermiche was in effect in the viewfinder of justice, and for a long time. On two occasions, he was arrested while he was trying to win Syria and join the ranks of the islamic State.

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In prison, however, he was released march 18, 2016. “I deplore a naivety of a part of the French justice system, assistance Me Mouhou. The public prosecutor had appealed this decision of release, but it has been confirmed by the pre-trial chamber. It is amazing ! The judges are fooled by Kermiche. He said : “I want to insert, find a job, me to integrate to the French society, this story is behind me”. The judges have not perceived that this speech was lataqîya, concealment advocated as a method by the jihadists to sleep the vigilance of the police and of justice “. Result, Kermiche, 19 years old, whose dangerousness was proven, was released. Placed under judicial supervision, with permission of his parents ‘ home between 8: 30 and noon. On July 26, 2016, in the morning, so he committed the attack with Petitjean, murdered the father Hamel and seriously injured Guy Coponet… in strict accordance with the soft obligations imposed justice.

The creation of a “terrorist cell”

Failing to gain Syria, the two jihadists have decided to take the act in the corner of the street. They were remotely piloted from Iraq by the terrorist French Rashid Kassim as evidenced by this message to Kermiche : “You enter in a church and you cut off two heads. It is very easy and paf ! “. Mentor of several of the terrorists on French soil, Kassim was killed on February 10, 2017 near Mosul, in Iraq, the strikes targeted a drone of the us. The two jihadists of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, themselves, had undertaken to build their network. Today, four individuals were indicted in this folder. Both are free under judicial control : the first for having attempted to leave Syria with Kermiche, the second to have held a video Petitjean referring to “violent action” in the name of Daech two days before the attack.

The other two are incarcerated. First of all, Farid Khelil, cousin of Petitjean, suspected of having had knowledge of the preparation of the attack, under lock and key since July 31, 2016. Paris Match has collected other information, hitherto unpublished, on the second, Yassine Sebaïha, arrested on August 8, 2016, indicted for ” criminal association criminal terrorist “. Born in 1994 in Toulouse, he met the two terrorists. From 20 July 2016, he was in contact with Kermiche via Telegram. And then, his mobile phone was bounded on the 24th of July in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray.

The investigators, Sebaïha indicated that he was seeking to get closer to true muslims but says it is ” against the ideas of the islamic State “. He recounted a visit to Rouvray, where he was supported by Petitjean. They stayed together for two hours in a park before it is led to Kermiche. Believing him, the two jihadists reported for a “bad muslim” because he ” looked[t] the girls and listened to[]t of the music “. The music that is in effect a “ringing” satanic “, haram, contrary to islam, for the fanatics of Daech. Sebaïha would not therefore have been included in the project terrorist. He reportedly spent the night of 24 to 25 July in a park before you take a bus to Toulouse the next morning. On learning of the assassination of the father Hamel and the death of Kermiche and Petitjean under the bullets of the police, it would have wiped out its trade over the mail-Telegram ” by fear “. The Toulousain, no criminal record, therefore pleads good faith. Should it be the “third man of the terrorist commando” ? His request for release has, in any case, been rejected.

To another “trial”.. beatification

While justice follows its course, it is another “trial” on the horizon, this time the beatification of father Jacques Hamel. The procedure is exceptional. Before declaring a person ” blessed “, the Church respects traditionally a period of five years after the death. Three exceptions to this day : Jean-Paul II, Mother Teresa, and, therefore, the father Hamel. The process of clerical was opened on 20 may 2017. The heavy task of building up the dossier is the responsibility of the father Paul Vigouroux. “I have already gathered the testimonies are useful, he says to Paris Match, those of the family of the father Hamel, his parishioners, recent and older, spouses Coponet, the three nuns, who were also present in the church on the day of his assassination, the former mayor, the local imam “.

Added to this is the collection of archives in order to “feed the cause” of the father Hamel, according to the expression consecrated. His writings, his collected, printed. The documentary “Father Hamel, a martyr of the Republic,” directed by Alfred de Montesquiou, reporter at Paris Match, and broadcast on France 2 last march is also made part of the record. “The diocesan tribunal will be closed by the end of the year,” said the father Vigouroux. Then the documents will be sealed and then sent to the Vatican. In this story of a life, a myriad of details reveals the man, a part of the servant of the Church. Thus, this detail, father Jacques Hamel was sometimes smoking a small cigarillo after lunch, remembers one of his friends. A simple pleasure, not even a venial sin. Elsewhere, Catherine Deneuve has she not sung alongside Serge Gainsbourg, that God himself “is a smoker of havanas” ?

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