Two Palestinians killed by the israeli army during clashes in Gaza

Two Palestinians, including a 14-year-old, were killed Friday by israeli fire during clashes at the border between the Gaza strip controlled by Hamas and Israel, indicated by the ministry from gaza to the Health. The two victims were near the barrier that separates the palestinian enclave by Israel and which have taken place since march of events weekly turning point in the confrontation with the army. The two Gazans were killed by a bullet in the head in the south of the Gaza strip, according to the ministry: the adolescent in the east of Rafah, and a man of 43 years to the east of Khan Younis.

The israeli army has not expressed its views on death. According to her, 7.000 “rioters” palestinians threw stones and burning tires toward israeli soldiers. “The troops respond with means of riot and draw according to the rules of engagement,” she added. At least 156 Palestinians have been killed by the israeli army and more than 4,000 wounded by gunfire since 30 march, the beginning of a movement of protest against the israeli blockade of Gaza. The enclave wedged between the Mediterranean sea, Israel and Egypt, lives in a situation of humanitarian crisis.

The use by Israel of live ammunition had been controversy at the beginning of the protests. The islamist movement Hamas vowed this week to take revenge after raids and ground attacks by the israeli army recently killed a number of its members. Three wars against Hamas to Israel since 2008.

An israeli soldier was killed on 20 July by a Palestinian during an operation of the israeli army near the security fence between Israel and Gaza, which has left fear the outbreak of a new conflict. The situation seemed calmed until Wednesday, when Israel said that its forces were again under fire from the Gaza strip, which wounded a soldier.

The israeli army has killed three Palestinians in artillery fire in a military base of Hamas near the border, east of Gaza city. The al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, warned on Wednesday that “the enemy will pay a high price in blood for the crime he perpetuated every day against the rights of our people and our fighters”.

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