Devastated dad dragged son, 4, from burning caravan but could not save his boy, 3, who died in sleepover blaze

A DEVASTATED dad dragged his son from a caravan blaze but hero father could not save his younger boy from the flames.

Tragic Zach Harvey, three, died in the inferno after brave Shaun Harvey, 28, pulled his four year-old lad from the fire but was unable to save his younger sibling.

Tragic Zach Harvey, three, perished in the horror blaze
Brave Shaun Harvey managed to save his eldest son but the flames were to strong for him to reach Zach

The first picture of tragic Zach Harvey has now been released while his brother and dad recover in hospital after the fire in the Welsh village of Ffair Rhos – 16 miles south east of Aberystwyth.

Shattered dad Shaun bravely rescued his four-year-old son from the inferno but the flames were too strong for him to reach Zach.

Their devastated mum desperately pleaded “where’s my baby?” after flames tore through the caravan during a weekend sleepover with their dad.

Erin Harvey, 28, was told her ex-husband Sean and her eldest son were in hospital after the blaze at a remote country village.

Locals told how Erin rang them in a state panic asking what had happened to her youngest child.

Next-door neighbour Miriam Connolly, 54, said: “I didn’t have the heart to tell her that her little boy had died.

“It is so tragic, he was such a lovely little boy who loved coming to stay with his dad at weekends. I told her to get in touch with the police – it’s so heartbreaking.”

Tree surgeon Mr Harvey was living in a caravan in his stepmother’s garden after breaking up with the boys’ mother last August.

The three were asleep in the caravan at 5am on Sunday morning when a blaze broke out.

It is so tragic, he was such a lovely little boy who loved coming to stay with his dad at weekends

Neighbour Miriam Connolly

Neighbours Mrs Connolly and her husband Shaun were woken by shouts and a plant pot being thrown at their window.

Mrs Connolly, 54, said: “They kicked the fence down to come to us for help. It was horrific.

“He was carrying his eldest boy in his arms, the poor tot had no eyebrows left.

“His father was in his underpants and the skin had been burned off his neck, shoulders and back.

“He’s had tried so hard to get back into the caravan to reach his other little boy but it was an inferno. It went up in a matter of seconds.”

They couple said Shaun was running an electric cable from the house into the two-berth touring caravan.

Mr Connolly, 55, said: “Shaun was screaming: “My boy’s dead. my boy’s dead. I’ve killed my boy.

“I was telling him that no one had killed anybody – but he was in such a state.


“The caravan went up like a tinder box, we were trying to reassure him he did everything he could to save his child.

“We ran a cold bath for him and his little boy, they were both in extreme pain. They asked for potato peeling which are supposed to be good for burns.”

Shaun and his eldest son were taken to hospital in Aberystwyth.

The boy was later flown by air ambulance to a special burns unit in Bristol where he is in a critical condition.

Shaun is in a stable condition in hospital with his father Tony at his bedside.

Another neighbour said: “The whole village is in shock, it’s not the type of thing that happens here.

“But this is a close-knit community where people look out for each other and we will be there for the family.”

Forensic officers and a fire investigation team have been sifting through the gutted remains of the touring caravan to discover what started the fire.

Detective Chief Superintendent Steve Cockwell said: “While the father and the eldest child were able to get out of the caravan, the younger of the siblings was tragically found deceased inside.

“Our thoughts are with his family at this extremely difficult and traumatic time, and specialist officers have been put in place to support them.

“The father is currently in a stable condition in hospital, while the four-year-old is critical but stable. Both suffered burns.”

Mum Erin Harvey has been left shattered by the tragedy


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