Diana Dors youngest son Jason Dors dies at 50

Diana Dors’ youngest son has died just four days after turning 50, it has been reported.

Jason Dors Lake worked as an actor and was known for his work on The Blonde Bombshell, Just William and Into The Labyrinth.   

He later acquired his mother’s estate and set up a small business selling Diana Dors merchandise to her fans. 

Dors, 50, was open about his battle with alcoholism, and moved out of his £1million Notting Hill home to Kent after witnessing the Grenfell Tower fire. He survived by his daughter Ruby.  

Facebook group Diana Dors: The Legacy announced the death this morning: ‘Good morning, it saddens me to inform you of the passing of Diana’s youngest son, Jason Dors Lake at the age of 50.

‘Please join me in offering condolences, thoughts and prayers to Jason’s loved ones and close friends at this time.’

The English actress was known for her risque style mirrored on Marilyn Monroe.

She was married three times and had three children before her death aged 52 in 1984.  


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