Didier Schieber, promoter of taste and a catalyst of talent

Director of restaurants of the company Hager in Obernai for the account of The Alsatian Restoration for the past 7 years, Didier Schieber lives her job with passion, without sparing his own efforts or from his time. The chief enjoys the daily joy of going to the end of its initiatives and to bring his teams in his insatiable quest of good taste and excellence !

Requirement and achievement

“The people weep when I arrived, but they cry also when I leave “. It is as well as Didier Schieber summarizes the impact of its management team. At the head of the 4 restaurants that are deployed on Bischwiller, Saverne and Obernai, a restaurant that produces an average of 750 covered each day and a fast food concept of quality on the site of the headquarters Hager in Obernai, Didier Schieber is a chief be extremely demanding. But, he is also very respectful of his 23 employees and concerned about their professional development. “To produce large quantities while managing to please our customers, 230 days per year is an achievement ! he commented. Without the total involvement of all, this would be an impossible task. “

Didier Schieber can clearly boast to instil an excellent collective dynamics while revealing the potential of each of its employees ! Regularly measured, the rate of customer satisfaction Hager is around 93 %. What you need to make proud his entire team !

Ambassador of taste and referent culinary

If Didier Schieber shines certainly through his leadership, he is first and foremost a chef passionate about good products and taste. It fulfills, in addition to his position of director of restaurants, of a cross-sectional task ofan Ambassador of taste and referent culinary for The Alsatian of Restoration. Its role : to promote products of the terroir and the season with heads and managers of The Alsatian and instill in each the desire to challenge ourselves and be renewed in the kitchen. He put together a twenty receipts headlights by season, tested for the first in a number of workshops in which the leaders of The Alsatian are invited to participate with one of the members of their team. An initiative very well attended and appreciated, which delights especially Didier Schieber. He appreciates working for a company who, not content to respect the seasonality of products and source as much as possible from the producers in the region, also makes every effort to give its employees the taste of investing in this process.

A chef happy… to grow its staff

If the base product is very important in the kitchen, Didier Schieber only devalues the gesture of the cook. The two are closely and necessarily pair. For him, ” the cook is an artist before everything.” And the catering is not an obstacle, but a challenge all the more exciting to note that she is forced to deal with large quantities and low costs ! Fully aligned with the values defended by his company, Didier Schieber is a chef happy. It is all the more radiant that it gives the means to train and develop its staff on the way to their own professional development.
Its multiple missions to The Alsatian Restoration undoubtedly makes him a catalyst for talent, which instils in all those who cross its path the desire to excel, to strive towards excellence and to express their personality in the kitchen !

*The obligations of The Alsatian are clearly stated and measurable through her approach “We are of Alsace “: 100% of knacks, sausage and kassler cooked by the Leaders of The Alsatian Restoration are derived from pigs reared, processed and slaughtered in Alsace (company Schweitzer to Obernai). 100 % fresh chicken is also high and shot down in Alsace (Siebert poultry to Ergersheim). In the season, and without the vagaries of the weather, 100 % carrots, and fresh potatoes to be cooked by the Leaders of The Alsatian Restoration are planted, sown and harvested in the Alsace region. They are delivered to the restaurants by the SAPAM or by SODICRU, two regional companies that work hand in hand with producers of alsace.

Animations are organized 3 times per year with a menu 100% Alsace proposed in all of the restaurants in Alsace Restaurants. A signage “We are of Alsace” is then put in place to enable the guests to identify the products from the terroir of alsace. The objective of these activities was to promote the approach of The Alsace a daily basis, but also educate guests on the importance of focussing on the consumption of local products.

L'Alsacienne de Restauration s'engage à privilégier les produits alsaciens dans ses restaurants

5 questions for cook chef Didier Schieber

1/ Have you an aversion to food and if yes which one ?
D. S : I’m not difficult : I love it all. By cons, no way to get me to eat frozen fish ! When we tasted the freshly caught fish directly on the port, one can no longer consider eating otherwise that costs. Also, my boss and I have the opportunity to work regularly with fresh fish on the site of Hager in Obernai.

2/ You only have 15 minutes before you to prepare to eat. What do you do ?
D. S : a fish or A fowl, with a fair cooking, accompanied by vegetables of the season and the garden “à la plancha”. Or an omelette with mushrooms and freshly picked. I am a passionate lover of nature and wild herbs. I am lucky to have my garden with my herbs, my raspberries, my strawberry plants and my veg but also 7 ha of forest of which I’m dealing with a lot outside of work.

3/ where does your passion for cooking ?
D. S. : I grew up in Steige between fields, orchards and forest. And my parents distillers I have certainly instilled the respect and the taste of the products.

4/ If you had not been a cook… ?
D. S. : I probably would have been forester. In any case, that is for sure I would have done a job that would allow me to be in contact with nature.

5/ What do you think of the bio (that is the question Marion Léorat, the last leader that I cooked) ?
D. S. : The bio is not for me an absolute criterion. I’m more attached to the fact of consuming local and seasonal products. If they are organic, it is even better. But between an organic product that comes from elsewhere, and a product grown or manufactured here, it is the local product who will be certainly my preference !

Finally, your question on the next Head that I’m going to cook ?
What is the most important thing for you in the kitchen ?

The chef Didier Schieber I was also given one of her recipes. Find here its succulent supreme of chicken Alsace stuffed with basil pesto, mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes accompanied by a tagliatelle of summer vegetables !

recette de suprême de poulet d'Alsace estival par Didier Scheider

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