Disabled mum and son, 38, killed in devastating house fire in Wolverhampton

A DISABLED mum and son have died in a fire that ripped through their home.

The disabled woman in her 60s and her 38-year-old son perished in the blaze at around 3am on Saturday.

Most of the first floor appeared to have been destroyed by the blaze
Caters News Agency
The fire ripped through the first floor of the house in Wolverhampton
Karolina Domanska/Caters News
Neighbours said the family had lived on the road for about 20 years
Caters News Agency

A family member confirmed that mum Mohinder Kaur and her son Jaginder lost their lives while dad Surinder Pal survived.

Fire crews rushed to property in Deans Road, Wolverhampton after reports of a house fire.

They were met with huge flames and thick smoke rising into the early morning sky.

The woman’s husband survived by climbing out of a window onto a neighbours roof where neighbours heard his calls for help, the Express and Star reported.

He received treatment for smoke inhalation by paramedics who attended the scene.

Neighbours smashed in the front door and managed to save the family’s dog but when they tried to save the family they were beaten back by the heat and smoke when they went upstairs.

Rhys Brockhouse, 23, called the emergency services after seeing flames leaping from the back of the semi-detached house across the road.

“I was up drinking,” he told The Sun, “and I heard some screams. I thought it was foxes at first or people messing about but something made me look out of the window and I saw flames coming from the back of the house opposite.


“I rang the fire brigade and they sent me a link so I streamed them a video of the fire until the fire engines arrived.

“In that time the front bedroom window popped making a big bang and I saw a man running down the slanted roof at the back of the house and jumping onto the flat roof of the extension.

“He started screaming out for help and another neighbour rushed across and started trying to kick the door in.”

Another neighbour, who did not want to be named, told The Sun: “They are a really good family. We have taken their dog in to look after.

“I understand that two of their sons were round there drinking and about 2am one of them went home and the other decided to stop the night.”

Fire service and police are investigating the cause of the fire which started on the first floor.

A neighbour said she looked out of a bedroom window just before 3am and saw a man on a flat roof at the back of the house crying out in Punjabi: “My wife, my son, my family, please call the fire brigade.”

Jasmine, a 20-year-old nursery nurse, said: “It was heartbreaking. My brother was the first to hear a noise and looked out of his bedroom window. You could see the reflection of the fire in the windows of the houses at the back of us.

“All you could see was big orange flames all across the back. When we leaned out of the window and we could see the man on top of the roof, or a garage roof, shouting.


“Neighbours ran to the house and broke the door and got the dog out. They tried to go upstairs but it was so hot, they weren’t able to save anyone.

It is thought the son, known as Jag, had been downstairs that evening with one of his brothers who had then left the house in a taxi at around 2am.

Friends and neighbours have paid tribute to the family.

Family friend Sarj Singh, 40, who went to Deansfield School with Jag and his two brothers, said: “I used to go to their house almost every day from school, I called them Uncle and Auntie, they were a lovely family.

Margaret Hill was woken by her neighbour’s desperate shouts for help and called the emergency services. she said: “I’ve known them for 20 years. He’d always give a wave when he passed by the house.”

She added: “I’ll never forget those screams.”

A West Midlands Fire Service spokesperson said: “At 03:02 on the 21st April, West Midlands Fire Service were notified of a house fire on Deans Road, Eastgate, Wolverhampton.

“The first fire appliance arrived at the incident after 3 minutes and 38 seconds and was presented with a severe fire on the 1st floor of the property.

“Despite the hard work of the firefighters at the scene, it is with great sadness that we have to report that one man and one woman have been pronounced dead at the scene.

“Another man was rescued from the property by the fire service and has received treatment for smoke inhalation by paramedics.

“Whilst it is still too early to determine the cause of the fire, the fire service and police investigators are working together to understand the circumstances of the incident.

“This investigation is on-going.

“Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of the deceased.”

Locals say they have endured an Easter weekend from hell. On Good Friday, a six year old who lives less than 100 yards from the scene of the fire, suffered bullet wounds after masked gunmen opened fire on his family’s front door in the middle of the afternoon.

Smoke was seen pouring out from the house
Karolina Domanska/Caters News
The emergency services rushed to the scene
Caters News Agency
Neighbours broke down the front door in a bid to rescue the family but were beaten back by the flames
Caters News Agency
Neighbours said the family were friendly and well-liked
Caters News Agency
Neighbours rushed to help but were beaten back by the heat and smoke
Caters News Agency
Police and a fire crew were still at the scene after 12 hours
Caters News Agency
Forensic investigators are currently trying to determine the cause of the fire
The fire is believed to have started on the first floor of the house
Both mother and son died in the horror fire
The husband was treated by paramedics for smoke inhalation

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