Disgusting moment ‘drunk’ plane passenger URINATES in the aisle during flight in front of horrified travellers

A SICK passenger on a Russian plane stood up and relieved himself in the aircraft’s aisle during a flight, by urinating in front of other passengers.

The footage, which was captured by a fellow passenger, shows the man standing after lowering his trousers and underwear in full view of others on-board.

The ‘drunk’ man urinated in front of other passengers on the plane

The “drunk” man wore a navy t-shirt and white trousers, and can be seen behaving shamelessly.

The video emerged today on Russian media but details were not given over which flight the incident was on.

The caption read: “Yet another drunk creature on board a plane.

“We can only sympathise with the passengers forced to witness it.”

The shocking case is reported to be under investigation.

In another case revealed today, a hooligan was detained in Russia after being subdued by passengers on a holiday flight from Bangkok to Novosibirsk.

Passengers were shocked to witness such disgusting behaviour
A pile of rubbish can be seen on the floor next to the man


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