DIY : table runners, towel and vase custom dyeing

Coloria Lab Creative offers you a table 100% DIY. Table runners, napkins and a vase, call your own table decoration in dyeing. A child’s play ! Recycle simply a path table, towels and fabric scraps of linen or white cotton and then create a festive table while dyeing.

The hardware :

  • 1 Sphere Coloria Forest Green
  • 1 Sphere Coloria Purple Precious
  • 2 small bowls
  • 1 large bowl
  • 1 knife
  • 1 mini wooden spatula gross
  • Chopsticks in raw wood
  • Toothpicks
  • Potatoes
  • 1 chemin de table in linen white
  • 6 napkins cotton white
  • Scraps of fabric in white cotton or linen
  • Jars, glass jam jar

Step 1 : prepare the dyes

The small bowls :

Fill up the bowls d’eau to 40°C. Pour a teaspoon of Coloria Purple Precious in the first bowl, and a teaspoon of Coloria Forest Green in the second bowl. Stir well so that the pigments dissolve well in l’eau.

The large bowl :

Fill up the bowls d’eau to 40°C. Pour a tablespoon of Coloria Purple Precious / Forest Green.

Tip Coloria Lab Creative : it is necessary to put gloves to protect her hands from the color.

Step 2 : Create a buffer with a potato

Cut the potatoes in two. Carve a pattern in the shape of a petal into the flesh of the potatoes to l’aide of the knife.

Step 3 : Dyeing the path table and the towels in the buffer potato

Soak the tampon in potato dyeing Coloria and dab gently to create a flower motif the various textile products to be dyed.

Step 4 : Dye with a spatula, stick or toothpick

Soak the slice of the wooden spatula, the tip of the rod chinese and the toothpick in the dyeing Coloria and print gently patterns to the buffer on the different media.

Step 5 : Stain a table napkin in dip’not dye

Moisten beforehand in the towel, and immerse the bottom about 1 cm in the large bowl of Coloria Forest Green for 3 minutes. To reiterate l’opération every 3 minutes down d’1 cm each time. If streaks appear, do not hesitate to spray a little d’eau clear to harmonise the gradient. Once the gradient desired is obtained, rinse l’eau clear from light to dark to make them spew out the excess dye. Allow it to dry.

Step 6 : Create a vase DIY

To create beautiful vases rustic : cut strips of fabrics dyed or printed in the dimensions of glass jars and attach them with scotch tape, double-sided.

The tip of Coloria Lab Creative : play with 8 colors according to your moods and you will achieve creations that are even more customized.

Available in 8 colors : Intense Black, Smoky Grey, Purple, Precious, Red, Hypnotic, Forest Green, Fuchsia, Navy Blue, and Brown Arabica, Coloria, 4,95€ – Available in GMS.

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