DIY fan reveals how she NEVER washes up paint roller tray thanks to clever tin foil hack

THERE are countless corners in our home which could probably do with a quick touch up – but getting the paint rollers out is a messy and time-consuming task.

 Or at least, that’s what we always thought.

Marie Hampshire

DIY fan Marie lines her painting trays with tin foil to skip washing up[/caption]

Posting on the Facebook group The Frenchic Fan forum, DIY fan Marie Hampshire shared her clever life hack which means she NEVER has to wash her paint roller tray.

She captioned the post: “A painting hack I thought some of you might appreciate!”

Sharing her trick with the 480,000 members, Marie explained how she lines the tray with tin foil and then pours the paint over it.

And then when she’s finished up, all she has to do it scrunch up the foil and throw it away – without having to do any washing up.

Marie Hampshire

When she’s done, she simply scrunches up the tin foil and throws it away[/caption]

Marie Hampshire

The life hack means she doesn’t have to wash up the tray[/caption]

 She added: “Cling film and plastic bags work as well!”

The post racked up over 1,500 “likes” in the group – and people couldn’t believe they never thought of it before.

One replied: “Brilliant idea! I hate cleaning them so always buy new, this will save me loads of money.”

Another gushed: “I do this with cling film – works a treat!”

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “Blinking fantastic idea!! There is nothing worse than trying to clean up the trays after painting.”

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