DIY: a luminous pallet headboard

Versatile, durable, and virtually costless, pallets are the perfect material for DIYers! Here, discover how to create a headboard out of pallets.DIY : une tête de lit lumineuse en palettes

Looking for ideas to decorate your bedroom? Why not make a bed out of pallets? Original and inexpensive, you can also decorate it with a pallet headboard! At the top of the trend, pallets will find their place in your decoration, coffee table, coat rack, desk… We love pallets in decoration!
The technical sheet to make a luminous headboard out of pallets

The material :

120 x 80 cm pallet (treated without chemical products with EUR logo)
Wood saw
Sander and sandpaper
Hard brush
Acrylic paint
Flat brush
Wood screws

Step 1

Make up the headboard with an extended pallet of slats sawn from a second pallet. Glue these “extensions” on each side of the central pallet to obtain 140 to 160 cm depending on your needs. Reinforce the back with fixing brackets.
Step 2

Remove the nails and staples and sand the wood to smooth it out. Remove dust carefully before painting (min. 2 coats).
5 amazing tips with black pepper
5 amazing tips with black pepper
Step 3

Attach the headboard to the wall, adjusting the height. Screw on a wall lamp, hiding the electrical wire between the slats.
Odette’s advice

To avoid joints, use a large pallet (100 x 120 cm) used to transport building materials

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