Doctor Who legends David Tennant and his father-in-law Peter Davison join forces to change a LIGHTBULB

HOW many Doctors does it take to change a light bulb? At least two if this picture is to be believed.

A pair of former Time Lords do some work around the house— and there’s not a sonic screwdriver in sight.

David Tennant and Peter Davison snapped by Georgia Moffett trying to change a lightbulb
David’s wife posted the picture on Instagram and immediately got responses from fans coming up with their own punchlines

David Tennant and his father-in-law Peter Davison, who starred in Doctor Who in the 1980s, were snapped by David’s actress wife Georgia, who also appeared in the sci-fi show.

Fans were quick to come up with their own punchlines.

Kim Stolz wrote: “Probably expecting it to regenerate and turn back on as a slightly different lightbulb.”

Micael Conway said: “Moments later, Peter slipped and fell off the chair, banging his head on the coffee table. Sadly there was nothing that could be done to save him, and he regenerated into Colin Baker.”


The 47-year-old actor is married to Pete Davison’s daughter Georgia Moffett[/caption]

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Peter Davison starred in Doctor Who in the 1980s[/caption]

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Georgia Moffett, 33, posted the picture on her personal Instagram account[/caption]

One wrote: “Can’t they just point a sonic screwdriver at it?”

And another added: “Two. One to reverse the polarity and the other to reverse it back and confuse the polarity!”


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