Doctors ‘lied to girl, 11, to trick her into having elderly rapist’s baby for religious reasons’

DOCTORS lied to an 11-year-old rape victim to trick her into having her elderly attacker’s baby for religious reasons, it’s been reported.

The young girl, who is being called ‘Lucia’ to protect her identity, became pregnant after being attacked by her grandmother’s 65-year-old partner.

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The schoolgirl’s shocking case has sparked protests in Argentina[/caption]

The girl gave birth to the baby boy at 23 weeks via a Caesarean section in the Eva Peron Hospital hospital in northwest Argentina – but only after two suicide attempts.

The new born weighed only 1.3lb and was then then placed in an incubator though medics feared he wouldn’t survive.

Now it’s been claimed she was forced to give birth after authorities refused to let her have the abortion to which she was legally entitled to.

Both Lucia and her mother made it clear they wanted the pregnancy to be terminated, but local officials and activists tried to prevent it for “religious reasons,” it’s claimed.

The baby died on Friday and Lucia was discharged from hospital on Friday

“I want you to remove what the old man put inside me,” Lucia told officials before a C-section was carried out.

Now campaigners have claimed the youngsters was kept in the dark about her condition to stop her aborting the baby.


Celia Debono, of Caribbean Committee for the Defence of Women’s Human Rights told The Independent: “Lucia was frequently given medication, without informing her what the purpose of the medication was.

“On the day the Caesarean was performed, they had her fasting all day and the only medication she received was for increasing the growth and development of the foetus, while Lucia’s mother was told they were vitamins.

“They told her that if the legal interruption of pregnancy was carried out she could die,” she said. “She was given false information.”

Abortion is illegal in the Catholic country but can be carried out in exceptional circumstances.

According to local media reports, the Health Ministry granted permission for the girl to have an abortion but the local government sought to block it.

Her mother, Soledad Bazán, 36, told a court she wanted her daughter to be granted an abortion.

The girl was found to be pregnant when she went to the doctor on January 23 clinic complaining of stomach pains.

Local media reported she was sexually abused by her attacker, who has since been arrested and in custody.

He allegedly threatened to kill the girl if she told anybody about the abuse.

The girl gave birth at the Eva Peron hospital in northwest Argentina
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