Doctors remove 39 magnet balls from schoolboy’s penis after ‘curious’ 12-year-old was left unable to pee after shoving them up urethra

A SCHOOLBOY had to have surgery to remove 39 magnetic balls from his penis after he shoved them up his urethra.

The “curious” 12-year-old was left unable to pee after inserting the string of small metal balls.

The balls could be seen lodged up his urethra in X-ray images

X-ray images of the medical predicament show the magnets lodged in a ‘U’ shape deep inside the boy’s private parts.

He was taken to Wuhan Children’s Hospital in China on January 13 after he “swallowed some foreign objects”.

But Dr Wang Jun, a urologist at the hospital, was shocked to discover 39 balls, also known as Buckyballs, trapping they youngster’s urinary tracts.

He said: “The boy was curious, so he put the Buckyballs into his penis.”

Medical staff conducted a minimally invasive surgical procedure to get the balls out.

Dr Wang added: “It’s impossible to pull the magnet balls out.

“The alignment of the balls would change if you try to pull it out along the tract.”

Thanks to the medical staff, the boy is now able to wee again and is said to be recovering in hospital.

The boy is said to be recovering after the delicate surgery
He somehow managed to insert these 39 magnetic balls up his penis

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