Does Theresa Caputo’s ex-husband Larry have a girlfriend?

LARRY Caputo, the ex-husband of Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo, revealed he was seeing someone after his split from the reality star.

Theresa’s new show “Long Island Medium: There in Spirit,” airing on February 5,  will feature socially distant and virtual readings.

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Larry Caputo is enjoying his new California life[/caption]

Does Theresa Caputo’s ex-husband Larry have a girlfriend?

Theresa Caputo, who is best known for her TLC reality TV series Long Island Medium, split with her ex-husband in 2018 after a 30-year marriage.

The Caputo’s have two children, Victoria and Larry Jr.

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Larry Caputo, Theresa Caputo[/caption]

In 2018, Larry confirmed that he was dating again.

“I have moved on. I’m fortunate enough to say that I have met someone special,” Larry told People. “But I’ll just leave it [at that] for now.”

It was reported that the lady in question was Alabama native Connie Talley Stauddy.

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Larry and Theresa Caputo were married for decades[/caption]

Connie is said to be a 54-year-old divorcée. The pair met online after Connie reached out to Theresa for a reading, but Larry responded to her inquiry instead.

The two began talking, and they’ve been long-distance dating ever since.

What does Larry Caputo do for a living?

Larry is living in California, according to Good Housekeeping, and working on launching a new Chianti wine called “Lorenzo Caputo.”

Larry revealed that moving to California allowed him to “work on himself” and that leaving New York meant he’s now “living stress-free.” 

“I’m very happy how the final labeling came out,” he wrote in an Instagram post in 2019 of his wine company.


Theresa and Larry Caputo before their divorce[/caption]

“The silver foiling really make it pop! Great eye appeal with Superior Chianti from Tuscany Italy.”

Who is Theresa Caputo’s new boyfriend?

Theresa Caputo confirmed that she is “exclusively” dating someone after her divorce, but she didn’t confirm who.

The psychic made the revelation after her painful split from her ex-husband Larry and opened up about her dating experience in 2021.


Theresa Caputo confirmed she is dating again[/caption]

Speaking to Extra’s Billy Bush, she said: “I’m dating, I’m dating. I am in an exclusive relationship.

“It’s very different from when I originally started dating, oh my God, over 30 years ago.”


Theresa Caputo’s new show Long Island Medium: There in Spirit can be watched on Discovery+[/caption]

“It’s very different,” Theresa admitted, explaining that these days, she lives “a very public life” as a result of her hit show.

“People don’t want to live a public life. They want their privacy and I have to respect that,” she continued.


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