Dog-owner stabbed by thug who tried to snatch his £2,500 French bulldog puppy

A DOG-OWNER was stabbed by a thug who tried to snatch his pet.

Aaron Aston was attacked in an alley as he walked French bulldog Vinnie.

Ben Lack

Aaron Aston took was stabbed while protecting French bulldog Vinnie[/caption]

Ben Lack

A thug stabbed Aaron in an alley and tried to snatch his five-month-old pet[/caption]

The five-month-old pooch — named after ex-footballer Vinnie Jones — is a Kennel Club-registered pure breed worth £2,500.

Self-employed gardener Aaron said a man approached him and asked how old his dog was.

Aaron, 20, said: “I told him and he said ‘Great. That’s nice — now give me your f*****g dog’.

“I carried on walking and he crept up behind me and punched me in the face. I hit him back and thought he’d punched me in the ribs — but he’d stabbed me.

“I picked up my dog and went to my mate’s.

It was only when he saw the hole in my jumper I realised I had been stabbed.”

Aaron, of Leeds, is now being treated for anxiety. But he said: “I was not going to let the dog be taken. It was not happening.”

Aaron said: ‘I was not going to let the dog be taken’
Ben Lack


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