Dog The Bounty Hunter’s daughter Cecily reunited with brother Garry after year apart as they struggle with mom’s death

DOG The Bounty Hunter’s daughter Cecily reunited with brother Garry after a year apart as they both continue to struggle with mom Beth’s death.

Cecily revealed she had made the long trip from her home in Hawaii to Jackson, Michigan, so the pair could catch up and spend some quality time together.

Cecily Chapman

Cecily and Garry have been reunited after a year apart [/caption]

It will be the first time the close siblings have been together since their mother’s funeral last July.

Their beloved mom, Beth Chapman, passed away after a brave battle with throat and lung cancer last June.

“I flew to Chicago from Hawaii, it was a nine hour flight and then I took a train six hours to Michigan – it’s a long journey,” Cecily told The Sun.

“I want to give Garry Boy my motherly touch, go cook him some food, clean up his house a little bit, just show him some love.

Cecily Chapman

They are going to spend a few days staying at Garry’s place in Jackson, Michigan [/caption]


They both still miss their mom Beth very much [/caption]

Cecily Chapman

Cecily took an nine hour plane and then a six hour train journey to visit her brother [/caption]

“It’s the first time I’ve seen Garry since our mom’s funeral.

“It’s been so long, it’ll be the first time we’ve had one-on-one time for a while, and the first time I’ve stayed at his house.

“It’s exciting – big sissy’s in town!”

Garry has been living on his own in Michigan for the past few months where he now works as a sheriff.

His last post on Instagram was a poignant message to his mom for her birthday, where he wrote: “Some days I’m up. Some days I’m down. Some days I turn and look for you with thoughts I’d like to share.

“Some days I wonder what you would think or say. Some days I struggle to go on just wishing you were here. Most days I spend in gratitude that you were ever here.

“Miss you momma, happy birthday.”

Cecily Chapman

Cecily and Garry joking around [/caption]

Cecily Chapman

The pair has been sight-seeing and hanging out [/caption]

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Cecily is also hoping to relaunch her ForBeth clothing line [/caption]

His dad, reality star Dog The Bounty Hunter – real name Duane Chapman – gushed about how proud he and his new fiance Francie Frane were of his son on Instagram earlier this year.

Sharing a picture of the 19-year-old riding a horse, he wrote: “Francie and I love you Garry Boy, and we’re so proud of you.”

He captioned the snap: “No matter how bad things are, just keep going; keep the same past, don’t let anything get in your way.”

Cecily meanwhile has spoken openly about her difficulties after her mom’s death – previously telling The Sun it has been the “worst year of her life.”

But she decided to take a trip to cheer herself up – to see her brother and work on her clothing line ForBeth.

Cecily and Garry have spent their time together sight seeing, hanging out and catching up.

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Cecily has spoken about her struggle to deal with her mom’s death [/caption]


Dog and Beth with Gary and other family members [/caption]

“I hope he appreciates it because I don’t belong in the cold – and it’s freezing here,” Cecily joked.

“I’m loving it though. It’s the first time I’ve left the island [Hawaii] in a while and it feels good to have some fresh air, I’ve been so cooped up in the house.

“I needed to get away and have a break and get some life into me – and see my little brother.

“We are very close and we keep in touch but haven’t managed to see each other in a while because he moved and I moved and now we are all settled I took it upon myself to make the trip.

Cecily Chapman

Cecily wants to wear her mom’s wedding dress when she marries boyfriend Matty [/caption]

“I’m relaunching the ForBeth clothing line so I’ve had some business meetings for that too.”

It comes after Cecily exclusively revealed she hopes to wear her mother’s wedding dress when she gets married to her fiance Matty next year.


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