Dog’s heart ‘burst’ after ‘thug threw pet against wall and killed it because mom didn’t let him have sex in her home’

A DOG’S heart “burst” after a thug threw it against a wall in a fight with his mom when she refused to let him have sex in her home, authorities said this week.

James Garcia, 39, was arrested on Saturday after allegedly tossing tragic pet Roxy 18ft across a room at his mother’s house in San Antonio, Texas.

Bexar County Sheriff's Office

James Garcia has faces animal cruelty charges after allegedly throwing his mom’s dog against a wall after she refused to let him have sex in her home[/caption]


A dog believed to be Roxy. The pet was thrown against a wall so hard its heart burst, a vet said[/caption]

He fatally wounded the helpless animal in a fit of rage after he was denied permission to bring a woman into his mom’s home for sex on October 24, police claim.

The dog hit a wall and hard kitchen flooring in the alleged senseless attack, according to court records seen by News4 SA.

Garcia then stormed out of the building, leaving his distraught mother with her dying pet, it’s claimed.

A neighbour helped Garcia’s mom rush Roxy to a vet, but the dog was pronounced dead on arrival.


The vet said the impact had “caused (Roxy’s) heart to burst, eventually bleeding to death”, KSAT 12 reported.

Garcia later returned to the property – where he’d been staying on and off for the last four years – to collect his belongings.

He told police at the scene that he “didn’t like hurting the dog”, according to court documents seen this week.

Garcia was arrested on Saturday on a $5,000 bond.

He faces a third-degree felony charge of animal cruelty.


Garcia had been living with his parents on-and-off for the last four years[/caption]


The alleged thug was arrested on Saturday after the incident on October 24[/caption]


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