Dominic Raab gets standing ovation after revealing how his father fled the Nazis, amidst Labour anti-Semitism scandal 

DOMINIC Raab moved Tory fans to a long standing ovation yesterday, revealing that his passion for defeating extremism was fuelled by the murder of his family at the hands of the Nazis.

The 45 second emotional outpouring came as the Brexit Secretary revealed his dad had escaped the Holocaust.

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Dominic Raab revealed how his father fled the Nazis during his speech at the Tory party conference[/caption]

The electrifying personal speech made him the second Cabinet big hitter to make a conference pitch for Theresa May’s job, follwing a pitch for the keys to No10 on Sunday by Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

And today a similar tilt is suspected from fellow contender Sajid Javid.

Mr Raab delighted the Tory faithful by eviscerating Jeremy Corbyn on his failure to tackle anti-Semitism – vowing to root out anti-Jewish prejudice to honour his father Peter.

And he confirmed The Sun’s revelation that the Government was looking at “alternatives” to Theresa May’s Chequers Brexit plan – as he warned betrayal over the referendum would open the door to extremism in Britain.


Raab received a standing ovation for his speech[/caption]

And he warned that “extremists” in the Labour Party were overseeing a rise in anti-Semitism and said they wanted to do away with a “free and tolerant democracy”.

He said: “I say to Labour: you’d be surprised how many British people take this personally.

“They know things that you choose to forget. Eighty years ago – 1938 – Nazi Germany invaded Czechoslovakia, the lucky few fled, some of them to Britain.

“One Jewish family arrived in England with a little boy called Peter, he was six years old and he spoke no English.


Raab spoke out about Labours failure to tackle anti-Semitism[/caption]

“That little boy grew up knowing that his grandmother, grandfather, most of his relatives, the loved ones left behind had been systematically murdered for no other reason than that they were Jews.”

He added: “That little boy learnt English, he got into a grammar school and grasped the opportunities and embraced the tolerance that our great country offers.

“He became a food manager at Marks & Spencer and married a clothes buyer, a Church of England girl from Bromley.

“But he never forgot what had happened to his family.

“That little boy was my father and I will honour his memory by fighting the scourge of anti-Semitism and racism until my last breath.”


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