Dominic Raab pledges to slash income tax as he vies with Boris Johnson for Tory crown

TORY leadership hopeful Dominic Raab – Boris Johnson’s main Eurosceptic rival – pitched some voter-friendly policies by saying he wants to cut income tax.

And he revealed he would also like to see the National Insurance threshold raised to help workers save more cash.

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Dominic Raab has pledged to slash income tax in his latest voter-friendly policies[/caption]

Mr Raab wants income tax cut by a penny each year, reducing from 20p to 15p over the course of a five-year Parliament – the lowest basic rate in modern history.

Workers on the median full-time salary of £29,600 would save £854 a year, with those on £50,000 a year saving around £2,000 in tax.

He also suggested the National Insurance employee contribution threshold should be raised to £12,500 – in line with the personal allowance for income tax – saving the average full-time worker a further £462.

He unveiled the eye-catching policies at a Telegraph Live event on the future of the Conservative party.

He told the audience: “We, as Conservatives, are defending the enterprise economy and lower and middle-income, aspirational working Britain.”

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Boris Johnson is Dominic Raab’s main Eurosceptic rival[/caption]


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