Donald Trump cancels his military parade held in Washington, too expensive

Since thathe attended the celebrations of the 14 July in Paris in 2017, Donald Trump has a fixed idea : to organize a military parade, similar to Washington, on November 10. But the cost of the event has forced the authorities to abandon, at least for 2018. According to ABC News, the expenditure initially projected 14 million are now estimated to amount to $ 92 million, which would have been paid by the department of Defense ($50 million) and that of the Interior (42 million).

The increase has provoked the wrath of the american president, who has not hidden away on Twitter, confirming that they have canceled the event planned : “The local politicians who manage them (poorly) Washington D. C. to recognize a bargain when they see one. When asked what is an estimate for the organization of a large military parade, they have given a number so ridiculously high that I cancelled. Never let someone force you to hand! I will be attending at the place at the grand parade already planned at the Andrews Air Force Base to a different date, and I will go to the parade of Paris celebrating the end of the War, on 11 November. We will do something perhaps the next year in D. C., when the price WILL STRONGLY DECREASE. Now, we will be able to buy more fighter jets!”

Trump will have to go back to Paris to attend a military parade

The memory of the celebrations of the 14 July had visibly marked the american president. Last September, when he had found Emmanuel Macron to the general Assembly of unique Nations, he assured : “It was one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. Ca lasted two hours, it was the military power, and I think it is a huge thing for France and the French spirit. We’re going to have to try to do better.” Of what to give him ideas : “We will show the people that we are strengthening our army. […] The army could move down Pennsylvania Avenue. She could fly over New York and Washington, d.c., for parades. We will be exhibiting our army,” he proudly added to the “Washington Post”. But he will have to once again come up to Paris to attend a military parade.

But, contrary to what Donald Trump’s announcement in his tweet on Friday, the money will not be spent with the cancellation of the military parade will not directly purchase of fighter planes (certainly not in the plural) : according to Reuters, the cost of one fighter F-35A is $ 89 million, under an agreement between the ministry of Defence and Lockheed.

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