Donald Trump duped by Piers Morgan impersonator and spoke to him for several minutes on Air Force One

PIERS Morgan has revealed that ousted US President Donald Trump was duped by somebody pretending to be the Good Morning Britain presenter for several minutes.

The prankster managed to be put through to Trump while he was onboard Air Force One – but the politician thankfully saw the funny side after he hung up.

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Trump was pranked by a Piers Morgan impersonator [/caption]

Piers made the revelation as he discussed reconciling with his former pal, with the two men falling out when 55-year-old Piers wrote a scathing article about Trump, 74, after he suggested that drinking bleach could help fight coronavirus.

And as soon as they buried the hatchet, Trump opened up about a worrying security lapse that was made by the White House.

Writing in his latest Daily Mail column, Piers explained: “He’d seen me talking about him on US breakfast TV show Fox And Friends, and thought it was time to bury the hatchet. He dropped an immediate bombshell.

“‘I actually got scammed by a fake Piers,’ Trump chuckled.

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The prankster got through to the President while he was on board Air Force One[/caption]

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Trump saw the funny side of the security lapse [/caption]

“‘SORRY?’ I exclaimed.

“‘Yeah, some guy rang pretending to be you when I was on Air Force One yesterday, and I actually spoke with him for a few minutes. He sure sounded like you. I guess we’ll soon be reading about it somewhere. A fake Piers, crazy!’

“Only Trump could find such a prank funny. Most world leaders would be horrified to be caught out like this.”

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The two men recently reconciled after falling out when Piers criticised Trump[/caption]

The revelation comes shortly after Trump was officially defeated in the 2020 election, with Democrat Joe Biden securing more votes and winning the presidency.

The former Apprentice star is refusing to accept the result of the election and has instead been claiming that there has been fraudulent voting – which there is no evidence of.

Sources told Daily Mail that Trump’s aides and sons have been “egging him on” as the president plans to pursue his legal challenges to the election.


Yesterday, Trump lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden [/caption]

The president, who has claimed without evidence that Biden tried to “steal” the election, remains surrounded by his family and an “army of lawyers.”

The insider also claimed that Trump has no intention of attending Biden’s inauguration on 20 January 2021.

Piers has risked his pal’s wrath for a second time by retweeting Trump’s claims of fraud and branding it “fake news” – and praising the new President.

He said: “Biden will be more naturally empathetic to people’s suffering than Trump’s been”, also lauding his winning speech as “brilliant” and the “best of Biden’s career”.


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