Donald Trump impeached latest – QAnon ‘a bigger terror threat than ISIS after being inspired by Capitol riot’, FBI fears

QAnon obsessives inspired by Capitol rioters pose a greater terror threat than ISIS in 2021, the FBI fears.

A joint Intelligence Bulletin produced by the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the National Counterterrorism Center identified brainwashed QAnon followers as most likely to carry out domestic terror.

The new report, issued to law enforcement agencies across the US, said those holding fringe views fuelled by racial tensions were encouraged by last week’s Capitol riot and now “very likely pose the greatest domestic terrorism threats in 2021”.

The bulletin claims right wing extremists see violence “as a step toward achieving their initiatives” and much like ISIS “consider the death of a perceived like-minded individual as an act of martyrdom.”

Although QAnon fanatics believe Donald Trump is leading the fight against a cannibalistic pedofile cabal that secretly controls the world, the President has previously admitted “I don’t know much about them”.

The news comes as the FBI investigates whether the US Capitol attack was more than just an out of control protest and whether members of the crowd had weapons and used tactics suggested greater levels of strategic planning.

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