Donald Trump LIVE – QAnon fans ‘plot ASSASINATION at Joe Biden’s inauguration by posing as National Guard’, FBI warns

QANON Trump fanatics are plotting an assassination at Joe Biden’s inauguration by posing as the National Guard, the FBI has discovered.

An intelligence briefing citing concerns around the event revealed online chatter between the conspiracy theorists showed they considered an assassination “easy” to carry out following the Capitol riots.

The National Guard have been told to be alert to anyone who looks ‘out of place’ as a result. ‘Concerns of lone wolf actors are increasing,’ the FBI’s official intelligence report adds.  

And around 25,000 National Guard members underwent extra intense FBI screening this week after US defense officials raised concerns over ‘insider’ murder plots by one of those tasked with protecting Biden on the day.

The fears come just a day before President-Elect Biden’s inauguration on where he will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

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