Donald Trump news – President RIPS Biden as elderly and disabled as Democrat contender surges in three new polls

DONALD Trump has mocked Joe Biden as elderly and disabled in a new meme on Twitter.

While desperately fighting to win senior votes, the President share a joke picture of elderly people in wheelchairs with the caption Biden for Resident – suggesting the former VP should be in a care home.

The meme came as Biden surged ahead of Trump in three new polls, potentiually putting him as much as 17 points ahead with less than a month to the election.

The Opinium/Guardian survey puts the gap between the Democratic challenger and Trump at 57-40 respectively – a margin just short of the popular vote lead Ronald Reagan had in his 1984 landslide victory.

The USC Dornsife Daybreak Poll has the difference in popularity at 54-41, a still considerable 13-point margin, while another poll from The Economist says the gap is more like 52-42 – a 10-point lead for Biden.

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