Donald Trump’s own words and tweets prompt racism label

In response to Bently Rasmussen’s Friday letter on Donald Trump:

For starters, nobody is aware of what different persons are pondering. So when Mr. Rasmussen “believes” that the “racist notion” of the president is generally a response to not having Barack Obama within the White Home anymore, I consider he’s unsuitable. The tweets and the phrases which are delivered by the president are the rationale there’s the notion of racism. And the phrases couldn’t be any extra clear. One current instance is the LeBron James tweet. There is no such thing as a want for interpretation.

Moreover, it isn’t the Democratic Social gathering “utilizing worry,” however the president, who has all alongside been a grasp at utilizing the worry issue to invigorate his base.

As I’ve mentioned earlier than, one believes what one desires to consider. Nonetheless, one additionally ought to type one’s personal opinion and never observe anybody supply of data blindly.

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