Don’t Tell The Bride viewers in shock after groom plans OTT Titantic-themed wedding for his traditional bride

DON’T Tell The Bride fans were left shocked after a gutsy groom splashed cash on a Titanic-themed wedding complete with a staircase for an aisle and a big reception on a boat.

Bobby, from Essex, was tasked with organising his wedding day for bride-to-be Jas without any involvement from her.

Groom Bobby had visions of a Titantic-themed wedding for his bride-to-be Jas

Bobby had visions of tying the knot with Jas in a huge wedding themed on the doomed ship, because in his eyes, it’s the most “romantic” film ever.

When revealing his Titanic-themed wedding plans to his baffled friends, one even asked: “The ship that sank?”

Bobby said: “I personally love Titanic, it’s so romantic. We both love the film.”

Meanwhile Jas, was desperate for an intimate, small-scale event with a few of her nearest and dearest.

Jas was desperate for a small local wedding in a cottage
Bobby plonked £3,000 of his £13,000 budget on a grand London location for the ceremony that had a staircase similar to the famous one in the movie

She said: “I just want it to be nice and classy and traditional. My ideal wedding would be a small do, just a local do with friends and family.”

But it soon became clear that her dreams would remain just that, when he decided to take the plunge for a huge wedding instead of the small cottage she wanted.

He plonked down £3,000 of his £13,000 budget on a grand London location for the ceremony that had a staircase similar to the famous one in the movie.

“It’s like we are in Kensington Palace”, the best man said.

Bobby also put down £1,975 for four hours on a boat for the reception on the Thames.

Having just three weeks to bring all the plans together, Bobby started to show signs of stress – particularly when it came to picking the dress.

Bobby also spent £1,975 for four hours on a boat for the reception on the Thames
The groomsmen stocked up on nautical-themed props for the big day

Jas said her ideal gown was a classy, sophisticated low-cut gown that wasn’t too poofy, but Bobby had other ideas entirely.

He selected a high-necked gown that he felt fitted in with his Edwardian theme.

When she finally got a peek at the dress had chosen, she thankfully loved the design and said: “It’s really nice, I’m really surprised. I like it, he’s done good.”

Bobby bought some sailor-themed bridesmaid dresses online
The bridesmaid were furious and refused to wear them
Jas thankfully loved her high-necked lace dress, even though she wanted a low-cut one
Bobby even got slippers for Jas to wear up the aisle – and remarkably she loved them

She even loved the snug slippers he chose to go with the lacy dress.

But the bridesmaids were horrified when they saw the black and white sailor-themed dresses Bobby had bought off the internet.

One bridesmaid fumed: “Jas is going to go mad at you. If it’s black how is it not like a funeral? I’m really worried for Jasmine now.”

The girls refused to wear the dresses and said Jas wouldn’t have any sisters at the wedding.

Jas was livid when she saw pictures from the stag do of Bobby hugging girls in their home
All was forgiven on the day and Jas wept when she saw the beautiful venue
She loved the wedding venue and even the song as she walked down the aisle, My Heart Will Go On
The bridesmaids eventually gave in and wore their black and white dresses

His nautical theme appeared to sink at the first hurdle, when Jas refused to do the white water rafting hen do that Bobby had planned for her.

She broke down in tears and said: “I just don’t like swimming, I don’t know why he would do that. It’s dropped my confidence in letting him do this. I’m really disappointed.”

And things went from bad to worse when she saw photos from Bobby’s stag do, when he threw a huge house party at their house and was pictured hugging girls.

She fumed: “I’m not looking forward to any part of it. I’m feeling every bad emotion.”

Jas said Bobby had done an excellent job and loved the day
Bobby even did an Irish jig in honour of the occasion


However, things looked up on the day when she cried with happiness at the stunning wedding venue and heard the song she would be walking down the aisle to, My Heart Will Go On.

Next they headed to the for the reception and Jas was initially unsure, saying: “It’s a bit rocky!”

But she came round to the idea and even loved the moment Bobby took to the dance floor to do an irish jig – in keeping with the movie when Jack takes Rose below deck to an Irish party.

Jas gushed: “This isn’t the wedding I would have planned at all. But I’m so glad that you did it. It’s different. It’s a wedding to remember.”

Viewers were surprised at the unusual theme, with one writing: “I have a sinking feeling about this wedding.”

However, some were kinder to the groom, and one Twitter user wrote: “He’s actually done a good job for someone who can’t tie his shoelaces.”

The new series of Don’t Tell the Bride is on Wednesdays at 9pm on E4.

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