Don’t waste time in the supermarket when you could be having a picnic in the sunshine

Don't waste time in the supermarket when you could be in the sunshine... we've tried it all so you don't have to - all you have to do is pick the perfect High Street picnic

Don't waste time in the supermarket when you could be in the sunshine... we've tried it all so you don't have to - all you have to do is pick the perfect High Street picnic

Don’t waste time in the supermarket when you could be in the sunshine… we’ve tried it all so you don’t have to – all you have to do is pick the perfect High Street picnic

Don’t miss out on the sunshine by wasting time in the aisles – Mandy Francis has tested every bite.


Extra Special Freshly Squeezed Cloudy Lemonade, 1 litre, £2

There’s only 20 per cent lemon juice here, which accounts for the watery flavour. It’s quite sharp, too. 2/5

2 Banoffee Bombs, 250g, £2

Tasty banana-flavoured mousse, fudge, sponge, cream and toffee pieces. Extremely sweet — but rather yummy. 4/5

Lentil Dhal Dip, 170g, £1

This mix of beans, lentils and mango chutney is similar to hummus in texture, with a curry flavour and lemon notes. 4/5

Halkidiki Olives With Chilli Cheese, 150g, £2

Fat, green pitted olives tossed with batons of chilli-flavoured cheddar. Good quality — but HOT! 3/5

German Salami And Cheese Selection, 145g, £2

Eight to ten circular slices each of salami, peppered salami and smoked cheese. A good value staple. 3/5

Petit Pois, Courgette & Ricotta Quiche, 400g, £2.28

A robust case filled with cheese, peas, courgette and onion. A decent rustic quiche. 4/5

2 Ploughman’s Scotch Eggs, 226g, £1.10

The sausage meat has been flavoured with Cheddar cheese and pickle — which is nice. But the egg is small and rubbery. 2/5

9 Pork, Chilli And Bean Sausage Rolls, 279g, £1.50

neat rolls of pastry wrapped around meat mixed with beans, chilli and tomatoes. Sweet and nicely seasoned. 5/5

Supergreen Quinoa And Kale Salad, 270g, £1.65

An amazing price for this generous bowl of grain salad. Great texture — great taste. 5/5

Asda's picnic highlights are pictured above

Asda's picnic highlights are pictured above

Asda’s picnic highlights are pictured above


Deluxe 4 Smoked Bacon & West Country Cheddar Sausage Rolls, 188g, £1.79

Chunky rolls with flaky pastry. There’s a little paprika heat, too. 4/5

Chef Select 2 Scotch Eggs, 227g, 75p

These look tasty and hand-made, but the sausage meat is barely a centimetre thick. The egg is rubbery with a pale yolk. Disappointing. 2/5

Caramelised Onion and Vintage Cheddar Quiche, 420g, £2.19

There’s a lot of pastry and less than a centimetre of filling. The chutney is slimy. 1/5

Deluxe Mexican Style Grain Salad, 240g, £1.29

This looks impressive — but the barley is bland. 3/5

Deluxe Spanish Meat Platter, 200g, £2.99

Generous portions of wafer-thin ham and smoky chorizo. A quality platter. 4/5

Meadow Fresh Lemon & Herb Olives, 150g, £1.49

The olives are fleshy and the lemon comes through, but you can barely taste the herbs. 2/5

Meadow Fresh Sour Cream and Chive Dip, 200g, 69p

The texture is good, but the vinegary mayonnaise makes this dip taste like salad dressing. 1/5

Milbona 3 Salted Caramel Trifles, 3x90g, 99p

Chocolate mousse layered with a cookie, salted caramel and cream. Yummy for the price. 5/5

Deluxe Sparkling Sicilian Lemonade, 750ml, £1.69

This cloudy lemonade in a glass bottle has visible bits of lemon floating in it. Refreshing, with just the right amount of sweetness. 5/5

Lidl's picnic highlights are pictured above

Lidl's picnic highlights are pictured above

Lidl’s picnic highlights are pictured above


4 Smokehouse Pulled Pork Sausage Rolls, 180g, £3

These have a posh quality about them. The meat has a slightly sweet flavour. 4/5

Chicken and Chorizo Soft Poached Scotch Egg, £2.20

The sausage is blended with chicken and chorizo. Looks better than it tastes. 2/5

Our Best Ever Quiche Lorraine, 400g, £4

A neat layer of crisp pastry, filled with bacon in a cheesy custard. Extremely rich and filling. 4/5

Apple, Celery & walnut salad, 400g, £3

A generous family-sized bowl. Stir and serve for a crunchy, fresh-tasting treat — perfect for summer. 4/5

Fruits de Mer Seafood Platter, 540g, £15

A rich selection of classic seafood — with a pot of garlic and lemon mayonnaise. Delicious. 5/5

Pitted Mild Spanish Manzanilla & Full Flavoured Cuquillo Olives, 252g, £2.80

A huge pot of mixed olives in oil. Good-quality, basic olives, but no wow factor. 3/5

Spiced Sweet Potato Houmous Swirl, 200g, £2

Houmous with a ribbon of sweet potato running through it. The swirl adds spicy, smokey flavour. 4/5

Passion Fruit Swiss Roll, 275g, £2.75

looks more exciting than it tastes. Too much sponge and not enough fruit. 2/5

Sparkling Lemon, Lime & Mint French Soda, 750ml, £2.70

Made in France, this soda is sweet and refreshing with a gentle fizz and no acidity. Divine. 5/5

M&S picnic highlights are pictured above

M&S picnic highlights are pictured above

M&S picnic highlights are pictured above


Finest 4 Hog Roast And Braeburn Apple Sauce Sausage Rolls, 188g, £2

A lovely combination. Shame there are only four! 5/5

Finest 2 Scotch Eggs, 240g, £2

This is a good-quality Scotch egg — with an overriding sage flavour. 3/5

Scotch Egg Quiche, 180g, £1.50

A pastry base filled with an egg encased in meat. Good idea, but it needs seasoning. 2/5

Finest Waldorf Salad, 300g, £2.25

This is fresh tasting with a natural sweetness and plenty of crunch, and just the right amount of dressing. 5/5

Finest Spanish Tapas, 175g, £4

Manchego slices, olives, Serrano ham and piquant flame peppers. This platter looks authentic and appetising. 4/5

Smoky Olives With Red Pepper, 220g, £2.50

These are labelled as ‘medium hot’ but they are spicy rather than fiery, and should have popular appeal. 4/5

Sweetcorn & Chilli Dip, 182g, £1.20

This textured dip, blended with sour cream and chilli, is fresh with a spicy kick. 4/5

Triple Chocolate Trifle, 500g, £2.50

The different chocolate layers look appealing, but all taste the same. Bland — and not very chocolatey. 1/5

Sparkling Raspberry & Rose Lemonade, 1 litre, 50p

You can really taste the raspberry in this, while the rose gives a Turkish Delight flavour. Refreshing and unusual. 4½/5

Tesco's picnic highlights are pictured above

Tesco's picnic highlights are pictured above

Tesco’s picnic highlights are pictured above


Specially Selected 4 Hog Roast Sausage Rolls, 188g, £1.79

These look upmarket but there’s too much pastry. And the filling is oddly sweet. 3/5

Crestwood 2 Scotch Eggs, 227g, 75p

The egg rolls around inside a very thin, grey layer of meat. The orange breadcrumb coating is gritty. 2/5

Crimp & Pring Cheese And Onion Quiche, 400g, £1.19

The filling, a mix of cheese, onion and chives is bland. It’s basic but you could perk it up with chutney. 2/5

Specially Selected Giant Couscous & Feta, 220g, £1.29

Beige couscous and white feta are not appetising, but the dressing perks the whole thing up. 4/5

Specially Selected Antipasto Selection, 120g, £1.99

A generous combination of parma ham, aromatic coppa and spicy salami. Perfection. 5/5

The Deli Greek Olives With Feta, 150g, £1.49

Fresh, crisp olives and a generous helping of feta cubes. The dressing adds citrusy flavours. 3/5

The Deli Pea & Mint Dip, 200g, 85p

A clean-tasting dip made with peas, sour cream, and mint. Summer in a tub. 5/5

Specially Selected 2 Fruit Possets (Lemon), 220g, £1.99

The posset is grainy and doesn’t have the powerful flavour you might expect. 2/5

Vive Lemonade With Real Fruit, 2 litres, 30p

A big bottle of basic lemonade for 30p — also available in a diet version. Does what it says on the tin. 3/5

Aldi's picnic highlights are pictured above

Aldi's picnic highlights are pictured above

Aldi’s picnic highlights are pictured above


Taste The Difference 12 Hog Roast Sausage Rolls, 180g, £2.50

Sweet with a richer flavour than regular sausage rolls. A tasty talking point. 4/5

Taste The Difference Scotch Egg, 140g, £1.30

This has an appealing artisan look. As close as you’ll get to a handmade Scotch egg. 5/5

Crustless Cherry Tomato & Mozzarella Quiche, 340g, £1.80

The rustic base is topped with cheese and flavoured with tasty basil and oregano. 5/5

Summer Edition Beetroot & Pomegranate Slaw, 120g, £1

Garlicky, with a powerful punch of mint. Best eaten as a pickle. 2/5

German Salami Selection, 100g, £1.50

Ten slices each of German salami, black pepper coated salami and green pepper salami in this pack. It’s great value. 4/5

Mammoth Gordal Olives With Piri Piri Chili, 160g, £2.50

The biggest olives I’ve ever seen, dressed with a hint of chilli. A real talking point. 4½/5

Smoked Salmon Taramasalata, 200g, £1.55

This is milder than the regular stuff. I could eat the whole tub in one sitting. 5/5

2 Limoncello Desserts, 190g, £1.60

There is real limoncello in these, so they aren’t for everyone. They would benefit from a sharper lemon sauce. 2/5

Taste The Difference Sparkling Sicilian Lemonade, 750ml, £2

This lemonade isn’t too sweet — but it’s not particularly lemony, either. A refreshing soft drink for grown-ups. 3/5

Sainsbury's picnic highlights are pictured above

Sainsbury's picnic highlights are pictured above

Sainsbury’s picnic highlights are pictured above


The Best 4 Pork & Caramelised Onion Sausage Rolls, 188g, £2.20

The sausage meat is well seasoned and peppery, and mixed with sweet chutney. 5/5

4 Scotch Eggs, 452g, £1.70

The coating is the only nice thing about these. The meat feels processed, and the eggs are similar. 1/5

Chorizo, Red Pepper & Tomato Quiche, 400g, £2

The filling tastes fresh, but the chorizo appears as a meagre scatter of flavourless cubes. 3/5

Salsa Verde Bean Salad, 250g, £2

A classy looking salad. Too much dressing — but the combination of ingredients is really tasty. 5/5

Large Seafood Platter, 270g, £4.20

This is a basic platter of traditional seafood favourites. 3/5

Basil & Garlic Halkidiki Olives, 150g, £2

The big olives are fleshy and mild, and the seasoning is just right — as long as you are a garlic fan. 4/5

Houmous Topped With Roast Garlic And Artichoke, 170g, £2

The houmous is rich and works well with the topping. Tastes like holidays. 4/5

3 Rhubarb And Custard Trifles, 405g, £1

Pots containing rhubarb compote, topped with sponge, custard and cream. Cheap, basic nursery desserts. 2/5

The Best Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade, 750ml, £1.50

Fruity and refreshing, the raspberry definitely comes through — but there’s a perfumey aftertaste. 2/5

Morrisons' picnic highlights are pictured above

Morrisons' picnic highlights are pictured above

Morrisons’ picnic highlights are pictured above


12 Flaky Mini Pork Sausage Rolls, 264g, £2.59

There’s too much dry pastry in these rolls, and the filling that’s there is flavourless. 3/5

Pork, Beetroot & Cheese Scotch Egg, 140g, £1.59

Eat this with your eyes closed — the beetroot turns the meat and egg pink. 1/5

Salmon & Watercress Quiche, 400g, £2.99

There’s too much stodgy pastry in this quiche — and not enough salmon. 3/5

Charred Corn Salad, 225g, £2.20

A pretty bright yellow rice salad. Stir everything together to produce a spicy, smoky treat. 4½/5

Sweet And Smoky Spanish Tapas Platter, 120g, £2.69

Serrano ham, chorizo and pepper-salchichon. Excellent meats that look as good as they taste. 5/5

Waitrose Orange Infused Green Olives, 180g, £3.69

Big green Halkidiki olives in an orange-infused marinade. There’s a lovely citrus flavour. 5/5

Pecorino & Basil Dip, 200g, £1.89

The basil and garlic flavours are lovely — but the Pecorino gives this a powerful, edge. Nice in moderation. 3/5

Eton Msess, 410g, £3.50

A generous layer of raspberry compote topped with cream — and four separate meringues. 5/5

Sparkling Cucumber Lemonade Refresher, 750ml, £1.99

This lightly carbonated spring water drink has tiny ‘bits’ of cucumber floating in it. It’s light and refreshing. 4/5

Picnic highlights at Waitrose are pictured above

Picnic highlights at Waitrose are pictured above

Picnic highlights at Waitrose are pictured above


6 Sausage Rolls, 360g, £1.90

These chunky rolls have a rustic look. The puff pastry is flaky but the meat is an unappetising grey. 2/5

Irresistible Hand Finished Pork Scotch Egg, 140g, £1.55

At the centre of this is a beautifully cooked egg — a good-quality basic. 3/5

Irresistible Hand Finished Vintage Cheddar & Balsamic Onion Quiche, 400g, £3.50

The filling in the buttery pastry is not very deep, but it’s lovely. 4/5

Orzo And Slow Roasted Tomato Pasta, 210g, £1.95

A tasty, delicate pasta salad, but the meaty tomato pieces don’t work with the small pasta shape. 3/5

15 Slice Continental Antipasti Platter, 200g, £4

Mixed olives, chorizo, half-slices of prosciutto, French salami, Provolone cubes and fried broad beans. 3/5

Irresistible Greek Olive Medley, 130g, £2.75

Black and green olives stuffed with sweet sun-dried tomatoes and dressed. Top-notch. 5/5

Red Pepper Houmous, 170g, £1.20

This is a sweeter and more delicious version of regular houmous. 5/5

White Chocolate And Salted Caramel Tart, 530g, £4.25

This, with its salted caramel top, would make an impressive centrepiece. 4/5

Irresistible Sparkling Lime & Mint Presse, 750ml, £1.95

This has real depth of flavour. The lime has a tropical note, while the hint of mint finishes it off perfectly. Lovely. 5/5

Picnic highlights at the Co-op are pictured above

Picnic highlights at the Co-op are pictured above

Picnic highlights at the Co-op are pictured above


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