‘Doomsday Prepper’ spends thousands stockpiling food rations and an AXE amid fears Brexit will spark riots

A CALL centre worker has splashed thousands on doomsday preparations and stockpiling as he believes the UK will fall into “riots and public disorder” over Brexit.

Mark McLean has already spent more than £2,000 hoarding food, medical supplies, army rations and camping gear ahead of the March crunch date in Britain’s EU exit process.

Mark McLean is preparing for Brexit by stockpiling food and equipping himself with camping equipment
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The 33-year-old customer services manager thinks riots and public panic ‘is a guarantee’ but plans to flee his Glasgow home to live off the land in the the remote Scottish Highlands.

Having trained himself to hunt deer and squirrels and collect rainwater to drink, Mark even plans to build a giant underground bunker and tunnel system as he sees a Russian invasion post-Brexit as likely.

The ‘prophecy prepper’ has spent the last six months practising for the doomsday scenario and has all of the camping gear required – even an AXE.

But while he plans to help protect his immediate family, his warning to any ex-partners who may need his help is: “Good luck to them!”.

The 33-year-old has trained himself to hunt deer and collect rainwater to drink
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Mark has his own YouTube channel, Prophecy Prepper
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The oddball has vowed to camp out in the Scottish Highlands to avoid military attacks
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Mark said: “Riots and public disorder is a guarantee with Brexit come March. It won’t be pretty for sometime I believe.

“The last period of riots saw the people focus on big businesses and government. This will still be the case.

“But the division in the Brexit argument might not see all the people join as one voice. This will make it all the [worse].

“If food supplies and medical supplies are disrupted for longer than a week, that is when we will see it really kick off.”

The ration cupboard currently in Mark’s home
Andrew Rawson / Kennedy News
Some of the foodstuffs Mark will rely on when Doomsday comes
Andrew Rawson / Kennedy News

His stockpiling has seen Mark amass two weeks’ worth of tinned and frozen food along with a first aid kit including plasters, bandages, sterile wipes and basic medications.

A pal has given him British Army ration packs, which include meals, snacks as well as tea bags, electrolytes and water proof matches.

His camping haul includes tents, sleeping bags, tarps, a bushcraft knife and axe, a head torch, rucksack, clothing and winter clothing.

While Mark is single and has no children, he does plan to use his survival skills to help his parents, brother and other family members including nieces, aunts, uncles and cousins.

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