Dordogne : a civilian aircraft crashed, the pilot killed

A person in command of a civil aircraft type Cessna was killed Monday when the aircraft crashed on the territory of the commune of Saint-Pardoux-et-Vielvic in the Dordogne, a-t-on learned from the fire department.

“A fire on a forest

The unit has been dropped “in the vicinity of the aero club of Belvès St Pardoux, with one person on board, the pilot, who died”. The fall of the device has caused “a small fire” on a forest, said a press release of the fire.

The aero club of Belvès St Pardoux, where it came to take off, according to France Bleu Périgord, is located on the commune of Saint-Pardoux-et-Vielvic. The aerodrome is licensed for the practice of activities of leisure and tourism related to aviation and the model aircraft.

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