Dr Elly Hanson  

On 28 July 2019 we published articles in The Mail on Sunday and Mail Online about the role of experts in the police investigations of Carl Beech’s allegations of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of high-profile individuals. Those allegations were later found to be false and Beech was jailed. Our articles made a number of allegations about the clinical psychologist, Dr Hanson, which we now wish to withdraw.

We wish to make it clear that Dr Hanson whilst she was advising the police did not “become friends with Beech”, or set up the “Wall of Silence” abuse survivors exhibition with him, and nor did she speak alongside him at the event. We accept that Dr Hanson did not demonstrate a lack of professional judgment by adopting a position that Beech must be believed simply because he had alleged abuse. Nor, we accept, did Dr Hanson express a prejudicial view about Ted Heath prior to joining the independent scrutiny panel which was investigating allegations about him, and thereby act without proper impartiality or professionalism. We apologise to Dr Hanson for these errors. 

All our journalists observe the Editors’ Code of Practice and the Mail is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). We aim to correct any errors as promptly as possible.

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