Dragon Ball Super : the new design of Broly leads to strong reactions

We announced it to you last week : Broly will be the big bad of the next film Dragon Ball Super, and, for the first time, a character’s canonical in the universe of Akira Toriyama. Toei Animation has benefited from an event that happened this weekend in Japan to unveil new images of this antagonist. Check out the pictures just after the teaser of the 20th feature-length film of the saga.

The Canvas ignites in front of the first official photos of Broly version Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super is “finished” for several months now, but will shortly return on the big screen in a film that will introduce for the first time Broly in the official chronology of the series. Akira Toyama had indicated in an interview that he was going to update the history of this character by reworking its background but also its design. And you can see, below, several pictures of Broly in normal mode but also in legendary Super Saiyan, posted by the user Lord_Towa9377.

Obviously, Broly is a character so popular with fans, that it was logical for them to express themselves on the social networks about his new outfit. Not surprisingly, there are those who love this new style, while others are a little more mixed before the change of look. The user Linkabel still emits an interesting theory about the armor of Broly (that one can see on the last photo). According to him, the Super Saiyan would be necessarily linked to the armed forces of the Freezer because of his suit, which is all the more possible, since this film will also address the origins of the extraterrestrial.

The new Broly > the design of the Broly original. I validate completely this renaissance.

The new design of Broly is pretty hot.

My god, I have a lot of trouble for Someone who is ridiculous

The new design of Broly is RADIANT !

As a big fan of Broly, this design pleases me a lot.

Oh hey ! Broly wears the armor of the new forces of the Freezer. An outfit that we see during the movies and the cra Resurrection. Freezer (or a member of his army) has probably kept secret because of its power, but now uses it to conquer more planets.

Broly looks really good. He seemed a lot more furious than before. This design is perfectly suited to his personality that is wild and aggressive.

The movie Dragon Ball Super will be released in Japan on December 14th. For the moment, no release date, French has not been announced.

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