Driver ‘tries to rip MAGA flag away from Trump fan stood on street corner’ before crashing into streetlight

A MAN who allegedly tried to steal a MAGA flag from a supporter of Donald Trump was caught on video crashing his car into a streetlight.

A caption for the video, posted to Twitter by pro-Trump user Ian Miles Cheong, alleges the man driving the car was trying to “steal” a Trump flag before the crash.


A man who allegedly tried to rip a MAGA flag from a Trump supporter crashed his car into a streetlight[/caption]


The man holding the flag appears to have tried to spit into the driver’s window[/caption]

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The incident happened as the two men appeared to argue about who rightfully won the 2020 election[/caption]

The video starts with an exchange between the man holding the flag and the man in the car apparently arguing about President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory.

“He lost, he lost,” a Trump supporter says in the video, appearing to reference Biden.

The man in the car responds, “No he didn’t.”

“He lost, he lost. Stupid a**hole,” a Trump supporter says.

The man driving then puts his foot on the gas and crashes his car into the streetlight.

Trump supporters were heard screaming “all that hate” about the apparent karma after the crash.

“That’s what you get! All that hate!” another Trump supporter shouts as the man driving revs his engine to back up off the curb.

Cops then pull up behind the man’s car as the Trump supporter who the driver had seemingly been arguing with says: “It’s unfortunate that it happened but … oh and now you got the cops here.”

The driver then admits, as he pulls up his face mask: “I was the one not paying attention, you know what I mean?”

The video appears to have first been posted to Reddit on Saturday.

Commenters on Twitter claimed that the incident happened in Houston, Texas, but the Houston Police Department could not be reached for confirmation or further details.


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