Driver WINS two-year battle with ‘bullying’ parking firm over £165 fine for £2 charge he had already paid

A DRIVER has won a two-year legal battle with a “bullying” parking company after they dropped his case days before he was supposed to appear in court.

Shane Hatherall, 48, paid £2 via text message for a spot at Clarence House, in Newport, South Wales, but was slammed with a £60 fine after the car-park company, ParkingEye, claimed they didn’t receive his message

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Shane Hatherall, 48, paid £2 via text message for a spot – but the parking company claimed they didn’t receive his payment[/caption]

Shane says he was shocked to get a legal warning from ParkingEye after he refused to pay up the £60 – and vowed to fight the injustice in court.

Office worker Shane told how he paid the parking charge through a text service but was shocked when a letter arrived saying he’d “breached his contract”.

He said: “The parking signage gave ways to pay.

“One of the ways was to text ‘Reg’ and the registration to 65565 and so I did this.

“Towards the end of 2017, I then had a letter saying that I had breached the contract and owed £60.

“This was the first that I knew of the situation.

Shane spoke to his phone company who confirmed that the text, and the payment had gone through.

Parking Eye admitted the text payment system was down – but still ordered him to pay the fine despite Shane providing proof the charge was paid for.

To Shane’s shock, he was then slapped with a £105 late payment fee, bringing the full cost of the £2 ticket up to £165.

This has been a very mentally stressful journey over the past two years. I am delighted that it is finally over

Shane Hatherall


Shane complained and ParkingEye said they would bring the price down to £100 – but the office worker stood his ground.

Shane said: “I wouldn’t give in because its unfair, this is how they get their money – by intimidating and bullying people.

“I am not an activist but I am happy to support others going through the same thing.”

After a two-year battle over the fine, ParkingEye was set to take Shane to court.

But with a week to go before the court date, ParkingEye dropped the charges, telling him they considered the case closed.

“This has been a very mentally stressful journey over the past two years. I am delighted that it is finally over,” Shane said.

“Sometimes I [did] think of giving in and just paying it but its wrong.

“Imagine if this was someone with cancer or a terminal illness, it is stressful and draining for me, so if it was someone else with a lot more going on in their life, I dread to think of the effect it would have on them.

“I had a man in his 80’s tell me that he had the same problem and gave in.

“But its unfair as this is an easy way for the companies to make money.”

ParkingEye claim to be he UK’s leading car park management company and have 3,500 sites across the UK.

ParkingEye have been contacted for comment.


  • If you plan to contest a parking ticket, be sure to gather all evidence – include copies of any valid pay & display tickets as well as photo evidence of why and how you parked lawfully
  • Never pay a fine if you plan on appealing it – Paying the fine is considered an admission of liability, so if you want to appeal a ticket, don’t pay
  • Don’t just iggnore a parking ticket if you plan to contest it – the price will go up, instead be sure to informally challenge the ticket within the appropriate time-frame
  • Know that the registered owner of the vehicle is liable to pay the fine, not the person who was dreiving it at the time
  • If it’s an ‘Excess Charge Notice’ or ‘Fixed Penalty Notice’ the rules are different, these tickets operate under criminal law – so be sure to check the rules thoroughly

Wales News Service

Shane says he’s chuffed, but the 2-year battle has been ‘mentally draining’[/caption]

Wales News Service

Shane was furious when he was slapped with a fine for a ticket he’d already paid[/caption]

Wales News Service

Shane says he no activist, but is willing to support others who dispute parking fines[/caption]

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