The plateau in the credits, the JT of TF1 make new skin

New decor for the new school year. From Monday, the 13 hours and the 20 hours will take place in trays, brand new. Of the new releases presented to the press last Friday in the presence of the presenters Anne-Claire Coudray, Gilles Bouleau and Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Thierry Thuillier, head of information and Yoann Saillon , artistic director of the information of the TF1 group.

Here are the main changes of the new season in 2018 :

The size of the table has been reduced. The presenters will be more close to their guests. From 2.20 meters to 1m70, it enables you to “be more friendly or exert a pressure a little greater” depending on the guests and confidences sought after, ” says Anne-Claire Coudray, the head of the JT for the weekend. “This will create a alchemy different,” promises Gilles Birch, skipper of the 20 hours.

The credits has been slightly redesigned and lifté. It was recorded by a symphony orchestra of 40 strings to be a little “less intimidating” , “less anxiety” , explains Thierry Thuillier. It was twelve years ago that TF1 had not touched this landmark . There have been attempts at amendments, but these have been abortive because the changes were too significant.

-Exit the old screens 13-year-old, journalists will evolve in front of a screen of 70 m2, a tapestry of LED screens curved. A panoramic view of Paris in motion ” will be screened thoroughly for 20 hours, a landscape more rural has been chosen for the journal of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. “The image behind us is exceptional,” says the star of 13 hours. The image cameras also. Which is a bit annoying for the old presenters wrinkled”, he joked again. The cameras – which was previously hidden behind loopholes – are now on the plateau, and four in number. A broom cameras that brings a dynamic to the presentation, and also requires a fine adjustment. More generally, presenters will be asked to move around more, from 2 positions to twenty. “We are no longer this man (or woman) trunk as it was before. It is liberating for us, in terms of gestures. The attitude that physics is no longer the same,” says Anne-Claire Coudray.

-The weather is also experiencing a revolution. Previously been presented from another studio, it will now be on the shelf of the news, thanks to a green screen installed for the occasion.

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  1. This song is stupid.
    And the video is so childish.

    By Patrick. Posted April 17 2009 at 8:53 PM.

    This songs so good, and its not that bad to be honest :l
    Paperazzi isn’t that good of a song, but this ones so catchy, I can’t stop singing the disco stick bit.
    She’s amazing and if people are too prudish to like it they should just live in a cave.

    By kurt. Posted April 17 2009 at 6:50 PM.

    well the lyrics at the end ” i wana take a ride on ur disco stick” does stand out and kids will ask what the hell a disco stick is… the video needs to be editted.. that part where she sticks lays down on the black guy and sticks her legs up is tooo dirty…kissing is one thing but that is too far

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