Duggar fans rip Joy-Anna’s husband Austin for letting his wife pull their two kids in a bike trailer during 12 mile ride

DUGGAR fans slammed Joy-Anna’s husband Austin Forsyth for letting his wife pull their two kids in a biker trailer during a 12 mile ride.

The 23-year-old shared a snap of herself, Austin and another couple on a bike ride on Saturday.

Fans slammed Austin for letting Joy-Anna pull their two kids in the bike trailer

One fan joked they ‘would have been in the trailer with the kids’[/caption]


Many Counting On fans agreed Austin should have pulled the kids[/caption]

Alongside the Instagram photo, the Counting On star wrote: “12 mile bike ride this morning in 49 degree weather.

“Yeah, we’re crazy, but it was fun!🚴 The kids were all bundled up and warm in the trailer!”

Fans were quick to notice that Joy-Anna was pulling the kids in the trailer all by herself.

The couple- who tied the knot in 2017- share two children: three-year-old son Gideon and seven-month-old daughter Evelyn.


Fans took to the comments section to wonder why Joy-Anna was pulling the kids[/caption]


Joy-Anna explained Austin’s bike ‘doesn’t have a trailer hookup’[/caption]

TLC fans took to the comments section of the post to criticize Joy-Anna’s husband, as one person wrote: “Imagine being the guy and making your wife bike with the trailer of kids. Yeah nah lol.”

Another Instagram user added: “I would have been in the trailer with the kids.”

Joy-Anna even responded to one person that asked: “Question why are you always pulling the kids??”

She answered: “Austin’s bike doesn’t have a trailer hookup and his bike is huge, so it just works better for me to pull the trailer.”

A number of critics also rushed to Reddit to slam Austin, 27, for not helping his wife with their kids on the ride.


Fans also took to Reddit to slame the couple[/caption]


Some slammed Austin for not acting like a ‘big strong manly’ man[/caption]


Many fans asked the same question[/caption]


Another person said their husband would be pulling the bike trailer[/caption]

One fan wrote: “Imagine getting both kids and yourself ready for this cRaZy bike ride, only to watch your husband bike around kid free.”

Another Reddit user added: “Joy pulling the trailer, again. So much for big strong manly men!”

A third person asked: “Why is she pulling the trailer?”

One Counting On fan said Austin “could give her a break,” adding: “My husband would be hauling a trailer with 2 kids not me!”

Instagram/Joy-Anna Forsyth

The couple tied the knot in 2017[/caption]


They share a son and daughter together[/caption]


Joy-Anna is no stranger to recieving backlash from fans[/caption]

The backlash directed at Austin comes just days after Counting On fans slammed Joy-Anna for allowing Evy to wear jewelry.

On Friday, the Counting On star shared two photos of the seven-month-old smiling as she sat in a sink full of water.

Evy wore a black chocker necklace and white bracelet as she held onto toys in the sink.

Joy-Anna captioned the post: “Bath time is her favorite time!🛁

“I love Evy’s sweet smile!”

Instagram / @joy4site

Fans recently slammed the reality star for letting Evy wear jewelry[/caption]

While a number of fans took to the comments section to gush over how cute Evy is, others slammed the young mother on Reddit for allowing the baby to wear jewelry.

One person wrote: “Joy is aggressively clueless.”

Another added: “Joy’s kids are so often in dangerous situations.”

A third chimed in: “The jewelry thing is so weird, and makes me a little sad to think if they truly believe it helps with teething or whatever, they didn’t do that with Gideon.”

Joy-Anna and Austin are often criticized for their parenting choices


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