Duggar fans spot Josh glued to his phone in new video from Jed’s wedding shot just DAYS before child pornography arrest

DUGGAR fans spotted Josh glued to his phone in a new video from his brother Jed’s wedding.

The shot was taken just DAYS before the 33-year-old was arrested for possession of child pornography.


Duggar fans spotted Josh glued to his phone during Jed’s wedding[/caption]


The wedding took place just days before Josh’s child pornography arrest[/caption]


Fans accused the TV personality of looking at pornography in the clip[/caption]

On Wednesday, Gabenator Films shared footage from Jed’s wedding to Katey Nakatsu on YouTube.

The couple tied the knot during a secret ceremony in April.

Counting On fans were quick to spot Josh in the clip, while many rushed to Reddit to slam the former TV personality as a “pest.”

Noting that Josh was captivated by his phone while as Jed, 22, and Katey cut their wedding cake, one Reddit user asked: “Pest Spotted. Wonder what he’s looking at on that phone.”

Others also slammed him in the thread, as another person wrote: “What sort of d****e is on their phone at a wedding?”

An additional Reddit user commented: “Knowing Pesky, porn. He is such a pest that even at a wedding it’s all about him. And I bet he hid it under sports in case Anna might snoop, but she would not.”


Just days after Jed’s wedding, Josh was arrested and charged with receiving and possessing child pornography.

He is currently awaiting his trial on home confinement. 

If convicted, the former TV personality could receive 20 years in prison with fines up to $250,000 for each count. 

Josh is accused of having a one two-minute video on his computer of two underage females and a male who performed sexual acts on the children. 

Also found were 65 images of a female “consistent with child pornography,” with his victims ranging between 5 and 12-years-old.

The disgraced former reality star requested the court postpone his trial date “in or after February 2022.”

The United States responded by agreeing to a three-month delay, but they explained anything additional is “unnecessary.”

An Arkansas judge found the postponement “appropriate” and reset the jury trial for November 30, 2021.

The pretrial conference has been moved from July 2 to November 18, 2021. 


Josh’s wife Anna, who his currently pregnant with their seventh child, had stood by her husband following his arrest.

Earlier this month, The Sun exclusively reported that Anna is “struggling” with the scandal and “isolating” herself from the rest of the Duggar family.

Josh’s arrest has negatively impacted the entire Duggar family, as their show Counting On was cancelled by TLC in June.

The show about Jim Bob Duggar, his wife Michelle and their many children is a spin-off of 19 Kids & Counting, which was axed in 2015 after Josh was accused of molesting five minor females.

The show’s cancellation came after fans began a petition to end the show in light of Josh’s arrest.

Without A Crystal Ball/Instagram

Jed married Katey in a secret ceremony in April[/caption]


Fans rushed to Reddit to point out Josh was on his phone during the wedding[/caption]


One person slammed Josh as a ‘d****e’[/caption]

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Josh’s wife Anna has stood by his side following the arrest[/caption]


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