E10 fuel checker latest – New UK petrol rule changes TOMORROW; will it work with your car and how much does it cost?

BRITAIN’s motorists will be encouraged to use environmentally-friendly E10 fuel from this week – which will replace standard petrol.

E5 fuel will be replaced as the default petrol by greener E10 fuel from tomorrow (September 1) – and will be introduced on forecourts up and down the country.

The move is part of the Government’s efforts to combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions to net-zero – the first step in paving the way towards fully electric cars on the road.

Diesel fuel will still be available but it is estimated that around 600,000 vehicles that usually take unleaded petrol won’t be compatible with the E10 version.

This could leave drivers stuck paying for pricier super unleaded petrol, which is currently referred to as E5.

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