EastEnders Christmas day murder confirmed as body found in the woods after Mick Carter’s brutal revenge attack

EASTENDERS will have a Christmas Day killing as a body is found in the woods after Mick Carter’s brutal revenge attack on Stuart Highway.

Spoiler photos show that a murder has been committed – and none of the cast are safe from suspicion.


Mick Carter attacked Stuart Highway on Friday night’s EastEnders[/caption]


Stuart Highway may have died in Friday night’s episode[/caption]

In true Albert Square fashion, it looks set to be another grim Christmas for residents.

Viewers were left shocked on Friday when Mick Carter appeared to have murdered his arch nemesis Stuart.

Mick kidnapped Stuart with help from Phil Mitchell and put him into a car boot before vowing: “I’m gonna kill you.”

Later, Mick challenged Stuart to a “fair fight”, uncuffing him and handing him a crowbar in an abandoned warehouse.

ISO Images

There will be a murder in EastEnders this Christmas with a body found in the woods[/caption]

ISO Images

A body bag in the woods indicates that there will be a murder in Walford this Christmas[/caption]

But it looked as if Mick had beaten Stuart with a crowbar as he was left lying on the floor.

Viewers were left on the edge of their seats as Mick rushed off from the scene of the crime on his own.

But there are other characters who could be inside the body bag if Stuart survives the attack.

Ray Kelly could also be in danger after his secret marriages were revealed by ex-wife Mel Owen.


Could Mick Carter’s nemesis Stuart Highway be the murder victim?[/caption]


Mick Carter may have killed Stuart on Friday night[/caption]

Or Mick’s wife, Linda, could be in trouble if Stuart manages to make it back to Walford alive.

Spoiler pictures of the murder scene show dog walkers discover a blue sheet covering a body and call the police, who swiftly attend with dogs.

The next day the area was taped off and a tent erected where the body lay, with a body bag.

Show bosses are keeping the identity of the character under wraps but it is said to be a young person.

Sun Online Showbiz previously revealed that fans fear Stuart would murder Dot Cotton after moving into her house.


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