EastEnders’ Emma Barton teases ‘very complicated’ romance for Honey and Jay sparking ‘lots of conflict’

EASTENDERS star Emma Barton has teased a ‘very complicated’ romance for Honey and Jay, as she warned it would cause ‘quite a lot of conflict’.

The actress – who plays Honey in the BBC One soap – said Jay’s support in the aftermath of her date rape ordeal could see a romance develop.


EastEnders star Emma Barton teased a ‘very complicated’ romance for Honey and Jay[/caption]

The actress shared with Metro.co.uk: “It’s really interesting, Jay has been her support after all of this and she has supported him too and helped him to grow up that bit more.

“There are definite complicated feelings there and what I would say is that you can’t help who you fall for.

Speaking about how a romance between Honey and Jay would ruffle her ex Billy’s feathers, she added: “If anything did happen, it would be very complicated and cause quite a bit of drama because she, Jay and Billy have such a history together and poor Billy, he still loves Honey very much.”

She added: “It might cause a lot of conflict.”


Jay and Honey have been growing closer in the aftermath of her date rape ordeal[/caption]


Emma said Honey’s ex Billy still loves her ‘very much’[/caption]

The shop assistant – who is played by actress Emma Barton – was drugged by her date Paul and led to an alley in broad daylight last month.

Honey had just enough time to call Jay and leave a message telling him she was in danger before Paul began filming Honey and undoing his trousers as she lay helpless on the floor.

The car salesman arrived just in time to save Honey and has been by her side ever since, supporting her when she went to the police to report the vile rapist.


Jay is single again after dumping cheating Lola[/caption]

And with Jay now single again after dumping his girlfriend Lola Pearce, Jamie Borthwick – who plays Jay in the BBC soap – revealed that Jay and Honey will “share a moment”.

Jay was devastated when Lola admitted that she’d slept with Peter Beale behind his back and headed out on a rampage to seek revenge. 

But after Honey calmed him down, Jay backed down from a fight with Peter and told Lola they’d grown apart before dumping her.

Speaking about what’s coming up for Jay, actor Jamie teased: “I can’t say much but there is a moment with Jay and Honey – how it all pans out, you’ll have to wait and see!”

When Billy eventually discovered what had happened to Honey after her ordeal, he flew into a rage and headed out to teach her vile attacker a lesson.

But just as Billy was about to attack Paul with a brick, Jay managed to calm him down and promised they’d all get through this together.

Could Jay and Billy be about to lock horns over Honey?


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