EastEnders fans confused by Jack Branning’s miraculous recovery from Phil Mitchell torture

EASTENDERS fans were left baffled last night as they spotted Jack Branning’s miraculous recovery following Phil Mitchell’s torture.

Last week the police man – played by Scott Maslen – was brutally attacked by Phil (Steve McFadden) because he was convinced he’d had an affair with Sharon.

Jack Branning’s face looked scar free on last night’s show

But during yesterday’s show his face was completely back to normal, without a bruise, cut or graze in sight.

Those watching at home  were a little confused by his appearance and took to Twitter to comment on it.

One person wrote: “Jack’s face cleared up quickly! #EastEnders.”

A second added: “Jack’s had a very quick recovery, barely a scratch on his face  #EastEnders.”

While a third commented:  “Jack’s face was black and blue a couple of days ago  #Eastenders.”

Just last week his face was completely cut open
Phil brutally attacked him because he thought he was having an affair with Sharon

Phil is currently on the warpath after realising that Sharon was lying to him about the father of her baby after realising she had visited Lisa at the clinic.

He then get further proof when he and Ben did some digging and realised that Sharon had bought a villa under Mel’s name in Portugal.

The hardman realised that Mel – who hated Sharon too much to buy her anything – must have known the truth and been blackmailing Sharon.

Phil is convinced Jack is the father of Sharon's baby

Phil is determined to get revenge on whoever had an affair with Sharon[/caption]

Now he has ruled out Jack as the father of her baby, he is determined to find out who it really is.

EastEnders has released an explosive trailer ahead of its Christmas Day special that reveals the moment Phil FINALLY discovers Keanu is the father of her unborn baby.


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