EastEnders fans left screaming at the screen as Tiffany Butcher heads off with evil Evie

EASTENDERS fans were left screaming at the screen tonight as Tiffany Butcher handed over her iconic gold puffa jacket – and headed off with evil Evie.

Viewers saw the teen packing up her things in the wake of her arrest for Keegan Baker’s overdose, claiming she was going to join mum Bianca in Milton Keynes.

Tiff handed over her famous gold coat – before hooking up with Evie

But it turned out she had no intention of going to Buckinghamshire, with Tiff seen – looking uncharacteristically chilly without her coat – hooking up with Evie instead.

Twitter erupted with disbelief at her stupidity, with one fan sobbing: “OMG what is Tiff doing? She’s doomed now she’s going to live with that awful nasal creepy Evie.

Another asked: “Why didn’t Whitney call Bianca to tell her Tiff was coming back? 🤔 This will all end in tears.”

A third raged: “Bloody knew it. Tiff is lost now. She will be rinsed out and used and abused.”

Tiff is seen kissing evil Evie by the railway tracks
She hooked up with the baddie after saying she was going to Milton Keynes

A third wailed: “Oh Tiff, you silly silly girl.”

Others warned: “You are going to regret going with Evie the gangsta Tiff 😂.”

A further fan predicted: “Next time we will see Tiff she’ll be in a coffin.”

Earlier in the episode, we saw Tiffany hugging her best pal Bernadette Taylor and handing over her shiny coat, explaining: “I do want to stay, but no-one wants me.”

Tiff didnt seem entirely sure about her decision as the credits rolled

“I want you,” Bernadette insisted, but Tiff replied: “Trust me, I’m not good for you.”

But viewers are convinced Evie isn’t good for Tiff.

One posted: “Noooo Tiff don’t go with Evie 😔” while another insisted: “Omg tiff what an idiot.”

A third said: “Nooooo tiff don’t do it she’s a nasty #EastEnders #hateher#nosleepforaweek.”

Others were more concerned about what the youngsters new jacket will look like, sharing: “So Tiff is going to get a red duvet coat like Evie now?”


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