EastEnders fans sickened as Rainie takes baby Abi to buy crack

EASTENDERS viewers are sickened after Rainie Cross took baby Abi to a drug deal and had to be stopped from getting high while looking after the tot.

The drug addict – who is played by actress Tanya Franks in the BBC soap – put her foster daughter in serious danger when she bought drugs with her in the park.

Rainie spots the young dealers in the distance

She then tried to take them but was caught and stopped by a horrified Stuart.

He said: “What the hell are you doing with that little girl there?

“Are you off your head? I came to tell you I got an interview, I came to tell you the good news, Kathy said you’d be here that she trusted you that you’d be fine.

“I trusted you. Hand them over.”

She ends up taking the drugs from the dealers
Stuart tries to wrestle the drugs away from her

Walking around and grabbing Abi’s pram, he told her she could only have Abi if she handed over the drugs.

But when she refused he grabbed them off her and threw them into the bushes, leaving her scrambling on the floor for them.

Later Rainie realised she needed more help than Stuart could give her so she hatched a plan to get arrested.

She called the police and reported an assault at Kathy’s house and waited for the police to arrive.

She tries to get arrested in order to get clean

When they did, she punched Kathy and got herself arrested in the hopes that being locked up she will be able to get clean.

But viewers can’t forgive her for putting Abi in danger.

One wrote: “Omg the baby these people are doing my head in call social services #eastenders”.

A second said: “Rainie no! Not in front of Abi! #EastEnders”

Another added: “Rainie showing what addiction is really like, not glamour #EastEnders.”


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