EastEnders leaked clip reveals Ben and Callum WILL get back together in romantic scene

A leaked EastEnders clip has revealed that Ben Mitchell and Callum Halfway will get back together in an incredibly romantic scene.

The video, which reveals the fate of Ballum, was uploaded online and eagle-eyed fans quickly spotted it before it was removed.

Ben and Callum will get back together in upcoming scenes

It shows that Ben decides to leave the square at some point but returns when he realises he wants to be with Callum.

The video starts with Ben running through the market shouting Callum’s name before they meet half way.

An emotional Callum declares: “I thought you had gone.”

He replies:  “I am staying. I never really believed that we would work out . I never let myself believe it.

The pair have a very passionate embrace as they reunite
Ben goes running through the market to find Callum

When I said we wouldn’t work out it’s because you are a good person and I’m not.”

Callum asks him: “So why are you here?”

Ben tells him: “Because you make me want to be better.”

The pair then start kissing passionately before Ben’s daughter Lexi spots him and runs into his arms.

When she tells him she thought he was away working, he replies: “I changed my mind. Turns out I missed you all too much. I am staying right here baby. Staying where I belong.”

Callum can’t believe he is back
Lexi is delighted to see her dad back again

Soap fans have been desperate to see Ballum reunite after they split over Christmas.

Callum decided to leave after Ben dumped him – because he refused for him to get involved with the drama surrounding Keanu going missing.

He did however return last week and it looked as if they might be able to rekindle their romance as they enjoying a passionate moment in the car lot but Ben soon shot him down saying it was mistake.

However the leaked video shows that they will once again give things ago.

Ben tells his daughter that he is back for good

Max Bowden – who plays Ben –  recently onfirmed the former couple will be in each other’s lives again.

Speaking to the Metro, he said: “Their paths are always going to cross, that’s a definite. There’s a magnet that draws them back together but it’s never plain sailing.

“It looks like maybe it never will be but there’s this real magnetism and this strong love for each other – they want each other to be okay but Ben’s problem is that he doesn’t think he’s the one to do that for Callum.

“What makes their relationship so passionate and brilliant is that it’s not plain sailing and totally driven by emotion. These characters find it hard to be normal – it’s so explosive and the audience believe in it because it’s so real.

“Nothing is ever plain sailing when you love each other – and Ben and Callum really do love each other.”


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