EastEnders spoilers: Honey Mitchell furiously clashes with Estelle over discrimination against daughter Janet

HONEY Mitchell furiously clashes with Janet’s agent Estelle over discrimination against her daughter Janet next week in EastEnders. 

Estelle – who will be played by Only Fool and Horses star Sue Holderness – will ruffle Honey’s feathers when she chats up Billy. 


Honey meets Janet’s agent Estelle[/caption]

Viewers will see Honey ask Billy to take Janet to her photoshoot where they meet Estelle, who insists on going for a drink with Billy while Janet’s photoshoot is underway. 

After the shoot has ended, Janet tells Honey that the other children treated her like a baby. 

Honey is unsettled by Janet’s comment and further riled when Estelle approaches and asks Billy if he’d like to go on a date.

Honey reaches the end of her tether when another mother approaches Honey and makes a passing comment about how much the children get paid. 

Honey is shocked to realise the figures don’t add up.


Estelle irritates Honey when she asks Billy out on a date[/caption]


Honey is fuming when she realises Janet isn’t being discriminated against[/caption]

Later, Honey tells Billy she’ll cancel Janet’s shoot if he doesn’t resolve Janet’s pay issues with Estelle.

Will Billy support Honey or will he prioritise his date with Estelle?

Speaking about Estelle’s move on Billy, actress Sue Holderness – who will play Estelle next week – told Digital Spy: “I don’t think they’re suited at all. Estelle obviously sees him as someone completely different to her usual! I think that Billy might be a little bit intrigued by this posh lady taking an interest in him and I think Billy needs some fun in his life!

“Estelle is certainly very different to Marlene [in Only Fools and Horses]! She’s a theatrical agent and most of her clients are children. She’s a good time girl, she’s not that scrupulous about expenses, she loves fine dining and when she meets Billy she quite fancies getting to know this really caring, rough-round-the-edges dad.

“She’s very intrigued by him and rather ruthlessly chats him up! Billy seems quite keen to play along too.”

Discussing how she found her time at EastEnders, Sue added: “It was a real thrill to join the cast for four episodes, and fascinating.

“It’s very impressive to see how the whole team is coping with filming in this weird and scary coronavirus time. Everybody maintaining two metres distance from everybody else is harder than it looks!

“I was made to feel very welcome from the moment I arrived and loved every second. My scenes were mainly with Perry Fenwick (Billy), Emma Barton (Honey) and Jamie Borthwick (Jay) and we did have some time to share stories and gossip a bit between takes, and, of course, go through the lines.

“They made the whole experience very jolly. I was terribly nervous, I’ve never done a soap before! They were lovely and rehearsed together, it was the most joyful time, I’d absolutely love to come back!”


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