EastEnders viewers disgusted by Kheerat accusing his sister Ash of murdering her own baby because she had an abortion 

EASTENDERS viewers are disgusted by Kheerat Panesar after he made sickening comments to his sister Ash.

The gangster – who is played by actor Jaz Deol in the BBC soap – showed his nasty side tonight by trying to keep Ash from visiting her dying mum over their estrangement.

Kheerat confronts Ash at the party

Revealing that the family feud stemmed from a termination Ash had when she was 19, he accused her of murdering her own baby.

When he ambushed her in the Prince Albert to try and stop her from visiting, she told him to get out of her way and stop trying to control what she does.

He replied: “That’s the problem though, no-one ever can, always does what she likes.

“You will listen, you think you can just break mum’s heart and waltz back in at the end and beg for forgiveness, I’m not having it. You’ve already put her through enough.”

Kheerat goes for the low blow
Channel 4

Ash showed her own fiery side by putting her brother in his place, telling him: “You think I want forgiveness? I was going there to tell mum I forgive her for what she did to me.”

But then Kheerat went low and sickened viewers.

“What are you talking about?” he said.

“You murdered her grandchild. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? The only selfless thing you ever did was not saddling that poor kid with you as a mother.”

She replied: “I was 19 I didn’t want a kid. You and mum made it very clear how welcome I was after I had the abortion.”

Ash trusted Vinny but he leads her to Kheerat

Viewers were left furious on her behalf and disgusted by Kheerat’s words.

One wrote: “Kheerat is nasty. #EastEnders”

A second said: “So this Kheerat is a huge n*b then. #eastenders”

Another added: “There’s a very dark side to the older Panesar brother”


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